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12 week programs with expert personal trainers looking after you to help you stay consistent, become stronger, increase your energy and make working out feel easy!



It's time to have someone looking after YOU! 


At Strong Feels Good, we've dedicated ourselves to helping hundreds of women just like you achieve and maintain their desired fitness and health transformations. It's what we do best.

Strong Feels Good offers a holistic, results-driven approach to fitness, empowering women to embrace their strength, vitality, and confidence. With structured programming, personalized coaching, and a supportive community, we're committed to making your fitness journey seamless and rewarding.


"I've never gotten such good results from a fitness program or any kind of coaching!"

-Karen S.

"I'm seeing results, both with weight loss as well as body changes. I'm feeling so much more confident!"

-Jaime R. 

"I got into smaller jeans yesterday and I could breathe! My face looks a little thinner and I feel amazing!"

-Aimee R. 

Here's what happens when you work with us...

 You'll know what works for your unique body and be able see the results you are looking for

✅ You'll become CONSISTENT with movement. Our coaches keep you accountable and motivated. Showing up for yourself will feel like second nature!

✅ You'll TRANSFORM into the strongest, most confident version of yourself! 

What you'll get as a Strong Feels Good Client

12 Week proven, progressive overload workout program delivered weekly through my easy-to-use app!

At Strong Feels Good, our programming isn't just different—it's transformative. By prioritizing strength, longevity, and holistic wellness, we empower women to not only look good but feel strong, confident, and resilient for life. Our proven programming is broken up into two 6 Week Proven and Progressive Overload Programming blocks that has a bit of a twist to keep you excited to show-up for your workouts and see incredible results! 

App includes:

⭐️ Video tutorials of each exercise

⭐️ Custom notes for you

⭐️ Messaging platform (so you can access your coach at ANY time) 

Progressive Programming

Progressive overload: it worked for me!

it can work for you too!

By progressively increasing the intensity of your workouts, such as lifting heavier weights or performing more repetitions, you challenge your muscles to adapt and grow stronger. Over time, this leads to increased muscle mass and improved muscle tone, resulting in a more defined and sculpted appearance. Additionally, progressive overload can help to improve overall muscle definition by reducing body fat and enhancing muscle visibility. Consistently applying progressive overload principles in your training regimen can contribute to achieving a toned and sculpted physique.

Unlike random workouts, which lack structure and progression, progressive overload allows for gradual increases in training intensity, which is necessary to continually challenge the muscles and stimulate adaptation.

"I feel stronger, my clothes fit better, and my weight has gone down by a few pounds. I wasn't doing the program for weight loss but I can see the fat fading and the muscles becoming slightly more pronounced. And I love it!"

-Jessica C.

"I am SO SO glad that Angela has continued her online presence, as she lives 2,000 miles from me! I have a high standard, and never thought that I would benefit from having a trainer. "I know what to do...." I would say to myself. But. Intellectually knowing why exercise is important and following through with a properly dosed structured program are two very different things. The pandemic silver lining was learning humility and asking for help when it is needed."

-Jean L. 

"Angela is really inspiring, encouraging and supportive. The workouts are challenging without feeling overwhelming and I love that I can watch a video demonstration of all the exercises. She is always quick to respond and her answers are very thorough and clear."

-Mary Anne H. 

A dedicated Coach just for you! 


We take the burden off decision-making by assigning you a personal accountability coach. They'll guide you through our proven programming and offer support every step of the way while working directly with Coach Angela! 

Coaching includes:

⭐️ Weekly Check-ins

⭐️ Unlimited messaging & support with your coach for the 12 weeks! 

Ease & Accessibility! 

Workouts are tailored for home use, eliminating the need for complex gym equipment. They're designed to be straightforward, enjoyable, and completed within 30-45 minutes.

Strong Feels Good 12 Week Success System

Beyond workouts, our program addresses various facets of well-being, including nutrition, sleep, recovery, and mindset. We equip you with tools to cultivate healthy habits and sustain long-term success.

Bi-Weekly Success Calls

These calls are a great place to connect with Coach Angela and fellow Strong Feels Good Members to add even more Accountability and support. These calls are conducted via ZOOM so Angela can be face to face with you bi-weekly to give you even MORE support! 

Epic, LIFE CHANGING Results 

The results speak for themselves!

Check out Karen! Her goal was to conquer her FIRST pull-up! She's a mom with a demanding job AND she works/lives on a farm!

After 3 months she conquered not only 1... but 4 pull-ups!

She said she'd never had such good results from working with a trainer, and she signed on with me again because she couldn't image her life without it! 


Personalized weekly feedback!

Check out Jaime! She came to us with a goal of conquering ONE pull-up. After 3 months, she was able to do 5 pull-ups, like a total badass! She now been a part of our Strong Feels Good program for over two years! She continues to see strength gains and losing inches of her waist!

Although her goals were not mainly about aesthetics she now feels more confident in a bikini! 

 How can I join?... 

Book a Free Call 

We want to make sure this program is a good fit for YOU!  Book a FREE, no commitment call with a coach to dive deeper into your needs!

Select your Package 

Once we chat and confirm that we're a good fit for you, we will determine what package works best for your goals and budget! We offer flexible payment options! 

Match with a coach

Once you're in, we will match you with the coach who is the best fit for you! Our coaches are trained by Angela and work directly with her, so you have a full team of support! 

Get set up

We will then set you up on the TrueCoach app where you will be receiving your workouts and communicating with me and the coaches! 

You'll be granted access to our private coaching community of  like-minded women that you will be able to connect with on the journey! 

You will do your first Strength Test Assessment & Plan your goals! 

It's so important to map out where you are now in order set realistic goals for the next 12 weeks! We will help you outline your goals and plan your weeks as you go through the program.

We crush it TOGETHER! 💪🏼

We will be checking in on you w weekly to help you navigate life! We don't just want to start off our 12 weeks strong... we want FINISH strong too!


What's included with Strong Feels Good Coaching

Strong Feels Good Coaching

Limited Spots Avail


  • Strong Feels Good 12-Week Proven Progressive Workout Program created by your expert Coach Angela Gargano with 10+ years experience coaching in person and online. 
  • Your very own COACH! We will assign you to a Strong Feels Good Certified Coach and they will be checking in on you daily with Weekly Check-ins! These coaches work together with Angela to hold you accountable check-in with you etc! 
  • Exclusive Private Strong Feels Good Coaching Community: This community isn't on Facebook, instead in our own private app so you can connected with like minded women
  • Bi-Weekly Group Calls (6 total) with Angela : We find it so important to connect and help you navigate through "life" during the program! This call is the perfect opportunity for that, mini-workshops, workouts & more. 
  • Weekly check-ins: we will review how your week went, give you any form corrections and a weekly video just for you to help you crush your goals and navigate anything that life might throw at you during training. This is with a Certified Coach 
  • Nutritional Guidance Corner with Support Nutrition can def be a HUGE part of this journey! Our goal is to educate you and help you determine what is right for YOU! During the 12 Weeks you will be going through nutrition education to lock in sustainable eating habits to get your to your goals 
  • Vacation Workout Corner: We get sometimes people go on Vacation so you need a minimum equipment workout! We provide that for you to make sure you can keep moving! 
  • NEW You will go through the 12 Week Strong Feels Good Signature Motivation & Habit Plan! This will be something weekly we give you to review to continue to support you with nutrition stress and  mentally & guide you through anything that may come up ! 

Meet your Coach!

Angela Gargano is a 5x American Ninja Warrior, 3x Covergirl, Miss Fitness America 2016, and has helped thousands of people worldwide conquer their fitness and personal goals.

With over 10 years of experience in the industry, Angela is a triple threat: a top trainer, fitness model, and content creator. This former gym owner, certified trainer and award winning coach guarantees that you WILL see results!

In summer 2021, Angela appeared all over the world as the Oxygen Magazine Covergirl, where she spoke about tearing her ACL on the Ninja Warrior course. She used her injury as a growth opportunity as she authentically shared her recovery publicly and came back 11 months later stronger than ever. This comeback inspired thousands of viewers all over the world!