I want to Coach YOU! 

But YOU need to be ready...

You can keep doing what you are doing right now....

and not see the results you want.....


Leave it to a professional to give you a fully customized blueprint each week to get you to your goals FASTER....


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 After 1:1 Coaching you will..

✅Wonder to yourself why you haven't done this sooner

✅Know what works for YOUR specific body to see the results you are looking for

✅If your goal is to conquer your first pull-up..it's common for people to leave with 3 by the end of the 3 months (yes more than you expected)


Meet your Coach! 


Angela Gargano not only has put in the work to become a 5x Ninja Warrior, 3x Covergirl, Miss Fitness America 2016 she has also helped hundred of others conquer THEIR personal goals! 

Angela has worked with hundreds of women of all levels both in person and online! With over 10 years of experience in the industry this former gym owner, certified trainer and award winning coach guarantee's she will get you WILL get results!

I am Ready for a Coach!

Epic...life Changing Results 

The results speak for themselves ! Karen joined 1:1 Coaching with me a few months back! Her goal was to conquer her FIRST Pull-up! Being a mom, having a demanding job and working/living on a farm. We created a customized program for her each week for 3 months. After 3 months she conquered not only 1...but 4 Pull-ups! She said, I quote "I have never had such amazing results from a coaching situation ever"...and continued to stay with 1:1 Coaching after this because she couldn't image her life without it! 


Every single week I send you a personal video

Yes, it's really me customizing your workouts. Reviewing ALL your videos to giving you full feedback form corrections and also reviewing with you WHY I programmed what I did for the next week! 

Jaime joined 1:1 Coaching with the goal of conquering ONE Pull-up and after 3 months was able to do 5, like a total bad-ass! Jaime and I also did Bi-Weekly LIVE Zoom Calls together that helped to get her even FASTER to her goal! 


All workouts are customized WEEKLY and delivered through my App! 


There are videos of each move, customized notes for you each week! And you can access me at ANY time through the Messenger just like texting me!  

So are you ready or what? 

Here's what happens next..

First you will need to Apply for Coaching with me! IF I have the availability and I feel like

Second we are good fit, we will set-up a FREE 15minute Call to Go over your goals.

If we aren't a good fit, I will STILL send you a personal video message to go over your goals and make sure YOU are headed in the right direction! 

Basically there is NO harm in applying! 


3 Spots Open!

  • First we do a 1:1 Initial 45minute Call & fitness evaluation  I need to SEE the way you move so that we can create a customized program for you 
  • Second: I fully customize your first week of programming based on your time, equipment, goals etc! 
  • Third: Every Sunday I do a FULL Check-in of all your videos to give you form corrections, motivation etc! This is a fully video of ME walking through it all! I then load up your NEXT week of workouts ! 
  • BONUS: Daily Access to Angela via Texting in the App! So you ALWAYS have support  
  • BONUS: Access to ANY Small Group Classes I offer for FREE 
  • BONUS: I send you a free gift in the mail to keep you excited and motivated for your journey! 
  • ADD On: You can add on Bi-Weekly Zoom Workouts with Angela 
  • ADD ON: Customized Nutrition with Coach Amanda 
  • At the end of the 3 Months we do a  45minute Call to evaluate how the 3 months went and set you up for success for whatever is next in your Journey! 

I only take on 5, 1:1 Clients at time...seriously! So if there's a spot open grab it while you can!  

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Small Group Coaching!

5 Spots Available

  • I give you a program based on YOUR Specific Goals and Fitness Level via the TrueCoach App! This is NOT  Customized like 1:1 Coaching but proven programming that WORKS from my 10 years of coaching experience! 
  • Selection of several different programs based on your specific goals 
  • 5 Days of Workouts Per Week 
  • Workouts are 30-45minutes! 
  • Bi-Weekly Group Calls, we do a FULL Workout, ask questions connect! 
  • Option for Nutrition Coaching (additional cost) with a Nutrition Coach 
  • Every Sunday I send you a FULL Video walking through your week! Giving form corrections and setting you up for success for the upcoming week! 
  • Great Option for those who want support and accountability at half the cost of 1:1 Coaching! 
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Single Coaching Call

*NEW Offer*

  • 45minute Coaching Call with Angela 
  • We will review where you are at currently, the struggles you are having etc! 
  • We then will go through a FULL Fitness Evaluation so I an see the way your body movies and give you feedback 
  • You will get a copy of the recorded call 
  • Full Summary of Feedback and things you can do to achieve your goals 
  • If you decided to sign-up for Coaching after this call I will refund you the $99 and apply to towards your coaching package 
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