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Our mission is to help you become the strongest most confident version of yourself

Accountability, Proven Results driven workout programs, incredible community and all the support you need to navigate "life" at the same time! 


"I've never gotten such good results from a fitness program or any kind of coaching!"

-Karen S.

"I'm seeing results, both with weight loss as well as body changes. I'm feeling so much more confident!"

-Jaime R. 

"I got into smaller jeans yesterday and I could breathe! My face looks a little thinner and I feel amazing!"

-Aimee R. 

After of working with my team with me you will...

✅ Wonder to yourself why you haven't done this sooner

Know what works for your unique body and be able see the results you are looking for

Transform into the most strongest most confident version of yourself! 

Epic, LIFE CHANGING Results 

The results speak for themselves!

Karen joined 1:1 Coaching with me a few months back! Her goal was to conquer her FIRST pull-up! She's a mom with a demanding job AND she works/lives on a farm!

We created a customized program for her each week based on her time, goals etc. After 3 months she conquered not only 1... but 4 pull-ups!

She said she'd never had such good results from working with a trainer, and she signed on with me again because she couldn't image her life without it! 


Personalized weekly video feedback!

Get a proven workout program with personalized videos and feedback from expert coaches, form corrections, motivation, accountability and more!

Jaime joined 1:1 coaching with the goal of conquering ONE pull-up. After 3 months, she was able to do 5 pull-ups, like a total badass! She now is a part of our Strong Feels Good Small Group Training crew and has continued to see incredible results, has amazing support and although her goals were not mainly about aesthetics she now feels more confident in a bikini! 

 How it works... 

Fill out an application

Coaching is by application only! We have a waitlist as we only take on a select number of clients at a time to ensure you get the best care possible! First you will need to to fill out an application, and if it's a good fit, I'll be in touch for the next step!

Book a free consultation call

Once you've filled out the application, if I feel you are a good fit we will contact you to sign-up OR you'll be invited to a free, no-obligations 15 minute consultation call where I can get to know more about you and your goals!

Select your package

After our call, I'll email you with my recommendations for a training package and pricing options!

Book your onboarding call

Once your payment has processed, you'll be invited to book our kick-off call! 🥳 During this call, we'll go through a full fitness evaluation!

I'll create your unique plan

Based on your fitness evaluation, goals, schedule, and equipment availability, I'll put together a custom plan just for YOU!

We crush it TOGETHER! 💪🏼

I'll be checking in on you weekly with custom videos and interacting with you in the TrueCoach app to keep you accountable to your plan for the next 3 months!


Customized workouts are delivered weekly through my easy-to-use app!


App includes:

⭐️ Video tutorials of each exercise

⭐️ Custom notes for you

⭐️ Messaging platform (you can text me anytime!)

"I feel stronger, my clothes fit better, and my weight has gone down by a few pounds. I wasn't doing the program for weight loss but I can see the fat fading and the muscles becoming slightly more pronounced. And I love it!"

-Jessica C.

"I am SO SO glad that Angela has continued her online presence, as she lives 2,000 miles from me! I have a high standard, and never thought that I would benefit from having a trainer. "I know what to do...." I would say to myself. But. Intellectually knowing why exercise is important and following through with a properly dosed structured program are two very different things. The pandemic silver lining was learning humility and asking for help when it is needed."

-Jean L. 

"Angela is really inspiring, encouraging and supportive. The workouts are challenging without feeling overwhelming and I love that I can watch a video demonstration of all the exercises. She is always quick to respond and her answers are very thorough and clear."

-Mary Anne H. 

Ready to work with me?

Strong Feels Good Coaching

10 spots available!

Strong Feels Good Coaching is "Small Group Coaching" where we only allow a select amount of woman in a group! Each person will be designated a specific coach to guide them in the 12 weeks to ensure their success! 

  • Strong Feels Good 12-Week Proven Workout Program created by your expert Coach Angela Gargano with 10+ years experience coaching in person and online. 
  • Workouts delivered via  the TrueCoach App  
  • Bi-Weekly Group Calls (6 total) with Angela : We find it so important to connect and help you navigate through "life" during the program! This call is the perfect opportunity for that, mini-workshops, workouts & more. 
  • Exclusive Private Strong Feels Good Coaching Community: This community isn't on Facebook, instead in our own private app so you can connected with like minded women
  • Weekly check-ins: we will review how your week went, give you any form corrections and a weekly video just for you to help you crush your goals and navigate anything that life might throw at you during training. This is with a Certified Coach 
  • Option to ADD ON: Nutrition Coaching who will set your macro's, check your my fitness pal personally & help you see the results you are looking for! 

Small Group Coaching Starts Dates in 2023 

  • Sunday: October 15, 2023 
  • Sunday: November 26, 2023 
Join the Waitlist

1:1 Coaching

3 spots available!


  • 45minute initial call & fitness evaluation with Angela herself! So she can see the way you move and make a customized program specifically for you 
  • 6 months (24 weeks) of customized training based on your schedule, equipment, and goals delivered through the TrueCoach App 
  • Weekly check-ins with Angela with a full video review with form corrections, motivation & feedback so you know exactly what to do, how to do it
  • Bi-Weekly Zoom Sessions with Angela! She will take you through your workout via Zoom in real time & review anything else you need support with 
  •  45minute Final Call with another Fitness Evaluation to review your progress and determine what the next best steps are to continue to see success  
  • Nutrition Coach Via a Certified Nutrition Coach: Angela has a Certified Nutritionist on Staff who will help you if you want to work on your nutrition goals via Macros, My FitnessPal or whatever approach works best for you! 
  • BONUS: a special gift from me sent in the mail
  • BONUS: access to small group training classes that are done bi-weekly
  • BONUS: access to an exclusive online support community with other 1:1 & small group training members

Book a Single Coaching Call

5 Spots Each Month

  • 45 minute coaching call with Angela
  • Full fitness evaluation
  • Recording of the call
  • Full summary of feedback, suggestions, and advice on how to reach your goals
  • BONUS: Discount on Coaching if you decide to purchase during our call 


Need a burst of motivation and advice?! Angela will take you through a 45minute fitness evaluation and give you feedback and strategy what what you can do to see the best results! 


Meet your Coach!

Angela Gargano is a 5x American Ninja Warrior, 3x Covergirl, Miss Fitness America 2016, and has helped thousands of people worldwide conquer their fitness and personal goals.

With over 10 years of experience in the industry, Angela is a triple threat: a top trainer, fitness model, and content creator. This former gym owner, certified trainer and award winning coach guarantees that you WILL see results!

In summer 2021, Angela appeared all over the world as the Oxygen Magazine Covergirl, where she spoke about tearing her ACL on the Ninja Warrior course. She used her injury as a growth opportunity as she authentically shared her recovery publicly and came back 11 months later stronger than ever. This comeback inspired thousands of viewers all over the world!