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American Ninja Warrior ACL Comeback

You may have seen it on the Baltimore Episode of American Ninja Warrior! But Angela's extraordinary 11 month comeback to the course inspired so many to keep going. Below you will find articles, podcasts, videos and resources to help inspire you through your journey.

NinjaBabes Podcast 

What does it take to go from devastating injury, to inspiring champion? Angela has in insanely-amazing story to share.  Last year on ANW10 in Philadelphia, Angela tore her ACL.  Her life-changing injury impacted not just her physical body, but her mind and emotions as well.  She had  to fight through a year of recovery to make it back on the course for ANW11 in Baltimore, and then she crushed it on the course, making it to city finals!  Hear more about her best advice on mindset, determination, and going after your dreams.

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How to recover from TWO ACL Surgeries and come back STRONGER than ever! -Shape Magazine Article 

It goes without saying: No athlete ever wants to be diagnosed with a "career-ending injury." With an injury like that come months or years away from your craft-the thing that makes you feel alive-with no possibility of ever competing on the same level as before. It's like starting over again, hoping and praying that you'll be half as strong as you once were. And you can't help but feel like the years of hard work were a waste, since you somehow still got hurt.

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Last season’s injury didn’t stop Angela Gargano’s return to the course -ANWNation Article 

Angela Gargano’s third season of American Ninja Warrior marked an important return for her. Season 10 in Philadelphia, Angela was dismounting from the Wingnuts when the landing tore her ACL.

The debilitating injury would understandably set anyone back. But Angela was determined to keep charging forward. She spent 11 months focused on rehab and recovery. When the course was set up in Baltimore, she was ready. During the Qualifiers, Angela gave the obstacles her all. She would end up in the water on the new Hazard Cones, but her focus would inspire all who saw her.

Read on to learn more about how Angela moved past the scary fall and came back stronger for season 11.

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Show your Scars Podcast 

We’ve all been there right. Working so hard for what we want feeling like we are stronger than ever, then one landing, one step, one tackle changes it all. We have to regain our belief not only in our path, but in our body again.

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Want to see the whole Journey?

I put together a Youtube video with my ENTIRE ACL journey. That means real time video blogs showing you the process and the journey back from this injury! 

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Need support? Want to share your journey or just say "hi", you can send your messages below! 

I love hearing your stories and want to support you in anyway I can! 


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