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What is the 7 Day Challenge?

I created this challenge to help you keep your body moving, boost your immune system all from the comfort of your home! ! Complete all 7 Workouts & Assignments by April 6th for a chance to win a $100 Gift Card! get access to all the workouts & food guide along with great accountability

What's included in the Challenge?

  • 7 Days of NO Equipment Workouts with Videos created by 3x American Ninja Warrior & Certified Personal Trainer Angela Gargano 
  • Nutritional Guidance created by Frances Largeman-Roth, RDN,  a nutrition and wellness expert with over twenty years of experience.
  • Access to the Strong Feels Good Facebook Group
  • This is a GREAT way to kickstart your fitness goals and keep you consistent and moving! 

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Meet your Coaches

Angela Gargano 

Angela Gargano is a celebrity fitness personality and founder of the method Warrior Strong, helping clients utilize their inner strength to tone and rejuvenate their bodies and minds. Both NYC/LA Based, Angela is a trainer  that teaches special events and group classes based on her Warrior Strong concept. 


Starring on NBC’s America Ninja Warrior, Women's Health Next Fitness Star Finalist, & winner of Miss Fitness America 2016, Angela is known for her relentless pursuit to help her community crush their fitness goals and realize their inner strength. After tearing her ACL on season 10 of America Ninja Warrior, Angela is making her comeback stronger than ever. She spent a year rehabilitating herself and now wants to share that strength with her audience and help them overcome any obstacles that get in the way of their dreams. 

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Frances Largeman-Roth

A nutrition and wellness expert with over twenty years of experience. She is the former Food & Nutrition editor of Health magazine and is a New York Times best selling author. Frances has been a guest on numerous national television shows, including The Today Show, Good Morning America, and The Dr. Oz Show. She creates healthy food content and recipes for, Parents magazine, MindBodyGreen and other publications. Frances lives in Brooklyn with her husband and three kids.; @FrancesLRothRD
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Videos, Tips, Tricks Plus Updates on any Events or Classes I am Hosting! 


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