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Angela Gargano is a celebrity fitness personality and founder of the method Warrior Strong, helping clients utilize their inner strength to tone and rejuvenate their bodies and minds. Both NYC/LA Based, Angela is a trainer  that teaches special events and group classes based on her Warrior Strong concept. 


Starring on NBC’s America Ninja Warrior, Women's Health Next Fitness Star Finalist, & winner of Miss Fitness America 2016, Angela is known for her relentless pursuit to help her community crush their fitness goals and realize their inner strength. After tearing her ACL on season 10 of America Ninja Warrior, Angela is making her comeback stronger than ever. She spent a year rehabilitating herself and now wants to share that strength with her audience and help them overcome any obstacles that get in the way of their dreams. 



Angela has an incredible influence on all things wellness, from fitness, to injury prevention, to fashion and beauty, Angela is truly a jack of all trades. 


As a member of Rhode Island's College NCAA Gymnastics team, Angela graduated with a degree in Biochemistry and utilizes her knowledge of the body to help her clients achieve their health and wellness goals.


She has been featured in publications such as Women’s Health, Oxygen, Shape, Muscle & Fitness and more.

In 2008, Angela moved to Rhode Island to pursue NCAA College Gymnastics. A fierce competitor and Co-Captain of her team her Junior and Senior Year. However, in 2010 she suffered her first major injury, an ACL tear. Although devastated , Angela used her “career ending “ injury as motivation to become stronger from the inside out. Really pushing her to learn more about the process to becoming well conditioned through her entire body. In 2012 she graduated with a Biological Chemistry degree and went on to work at Brown University & Genzyme  working on creating compounds for rare genetic diseases and cancer.
 While working the 12 hour overnight shift at a  pharmaceutical company, Angela began competing in Fitness Competitions. Taking her midnight lunch break to run and train, with-in a few month she gained multiple fitness titles and her Professional Card in both Fitness and Bikini. While on her journey, her co-workers joined in on becoming healthier and stronger. Angela began helping them with their goals. She then started to realize how fulfilling it was to watch others become stronger and more confident. She decided to get her Personal Training Certificate and within a few months left her job all together to coach gymnastics and open up her own gym called AGAthletics.


 While owning the gym, she gained the title of Miss Fitness America 2016 for the professional division, the highest title you can achieve and also competed on American Ninja Warrior. After deciding to take a break from fitness competitions and focus on her gym she started doing shoot for several magazines and also become on of the Women’s Health Next Fitness Star Finalist. Traveling the world and being on the cover of a national fitness magazine, telling her story about how she was made fun of as a young girl for her strong “manly” arms and how to over come that.


A year later, Angela was casted on American Ninja Warrior for the second time. She had been training for this by going to multiple local Ninja Competitions and competing in competitive OCR races. The strongest she ever was and entered Season 10, confident that she could hit a buzzer. However, after become a top 5 women competition in the show she tore her ACL ON the show, which was devastating! But lead to an epic comeback on Season 11 

Angela’s mission is to help and inspire others. To teach others that even if you are injured or going through health issues you CAN get through it and you will learn so much from it.

Angela is different from other trainers because she is genuine, authentic and relatable. She's been through the hardships you are going through and nothing ever came easier to her. Her energy and ability to inspire others has helped so many around the world on their fitness and life journey! 

Below are some of her achievements! 


  • American Ninja Warrior Regional Qualifier and City Finalist Season 11
  • American Ninja Warrior Regional Qualifier Season 10 
  • Women's Health Next Fitness Star Finalist 2017
  • National Ninja League National Qualifier 2018
  • UNAA Regional Qualifier 2017 
  • Miss Fitness America 2016
  • Miss Bikini New England 2016
  • Miss Fitness New England 2014
  • Miss Fitness Boston 2013
  • American Ninja Warrior Regional Qualifier Season 7
  • Featured Fitness Model (Women's Health, Oxygen, StrongMagazine & More )
  • Certified Personal Trainer 
  • CPR/AED Certified 

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