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BUT here's a FREE Training you can watch! That will help you FINALLY conquer those Pull-up goals! Angela's gamechanging 3 step method has helped over 500+ Women of all Ages (from 30s to 70s) conquer their first pull-up!  

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You are NOT too old...

You are NOT too heavy...

and it's NOT too late to get your pull-up!


Some people call me "The Oprah" of pull-ups...

I've helped hundreds of men and women get their Pull-Up and now it's your turn... with my FREE Training! 


Common Pull-Up Myths & Limiting beliefs

“I am too heavy to do a pull-up”

“I am too OLD to do a pull-up “ 

“I am not strong enough to get a pull-up”


What is actually happening? 

You have no idea where to start with getting a pull-up

You try it for a short period time see no progress and give up 

You don’t even try because it is too intimidating 

You tried a program but it really didn't give you to tools to get there

You ONLY have been trying the pull-up bands & Machine (Hint: this doesn't work 😅)


Does any of the above sound like you 👆🏻🙋🏻‍♀️ If so, I got YOU! 

It's time to finally get your pull-up...

  •  This challenge has 7 Days of Mini-Challenges with videos to walk you through finally achieving your pull-up goal 
  • We will be working out our ENTIRE Body...because guess what..the pull-up works it ALL
  • I'll teach you all my "tricks" to help you get OFF the damn band finally 
  • Challenge includes two LIVE classes with me that will be recorded!
  • You only have access to this for 14 Days! So if you don't use lose it! 🤷🏻‍♀️ Chances are if you didn't start it by then you never will! 


  •  Access to a Pull-Up Bar
    (I will be emailing you bar suggestions if you don't have one)
  •  Dumbbells (Medium-Heavy) 
  • Assisted Pull-Up Bands


Check out our previous student's results!

With the Pull-Up Revolution program, I was able to go from 4 to 7 pull ups in a month, and progressed to 10 in the following months when repeating the program. The quick feedback helped correct many of the issues I was running into, and helped me improve my numbers on the next strength test attempts. Nothing feels better than getting "unstuck" when trying to break into the next level. I highly recommend!

- Brian H.

The Pull Up Revolution program has been a game-changer for me. I'd tried to get pull-ups on my own in the past and never had success. I like that PUR is so comprehensive. I never realized mobility could be holding me back from getting pull-ups and when I was training on my own, I didn't truly understand how to progress or organize my training. With PUR, I feel confident that I'm training in a smart way and covering all the bases.

- Lynna B.


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