30 Day Core Revolution Program

Core Revolution Program

Transform your Core in 30 Days...REALLY! THIS is the missing link to your success that no one told you about ! 

✅ FINALLY Learn the Movements that GIVE you real results! I will teach you ALL the effective core AND how to teach you to do them properly so you fire up that core in all the right ways! 

✅Build a STRONG Foundation 

✅Tighten and tone your mid-section 

✅Learn the Techniques to STOP feeling your Core Exercises in your legs & having pain in your back 


What is Core Revolution?

30 days of 20-30 minute core workout routines to help you develop strong foundations, stay accountable, and feel amazing. Follow along with me, all you have to do is press play! Downloadable, printable PDF also included with each video.

What's included?

  • 30 Day Core Training Program 
  • Perfect for all fitness levels!
  • 20 Follow-along videos (just 20-30 minutes a day!)
  • 5 mobility flows
  • Downloadable, printable PDFs to accompany each workout

Equipment needed:

  • Mini bands
  • Light-medium dumbbells
  • Towel


What People Are Saying:

The best comprehensive core program I've ever done!


Core Revolution is amazing! I never knew how important having a strong core was until I took this program. Thanks to this program I feel stronger and its really going to come in handy for Ninja Warrior


I think this Core Revolution program is amazing. I am so so glad I decided to try it. I can feel myself getting stronger and I can feel it in my body.


I love Core Revolution--it has kept me motivated and I have not missed a day! I feel myself getting stronger and feel your support and the support of the entire group from afar. Love that variety, while maintaining a focus on the core!


I loved the program. It was challenging and motivating. It was just the right amount of time to workout so if I couldn't get to it until the end of the day, I was still able to do it. I liked the accountability part the best. That really helped me stay on track and actually complete the entire program. I'm 10 months post ACL repair/reconstruction surgery so working through this program helped push myself to do things I was afraid to do. It helped me get back my confidence in my knee as well as helped me strengthen it.


$64.99 USD

Liability/Release Form 

I understand that I should consult my physician prior to starting an exercise and diet program. I hereby intend to be legally bound for myself, my heirs and executors, and waive and release any and all rights and claims for damages I might have against Angela Gargano for any injuries and losses as a result of any diet, supplementation or training advice I may receive.


Photo Release Form 

I hereby grant permission to Angela Gargano to use photographs and/or video of me taken during my Strong Feels Good Subscription in publications, news releases, online, and in other communications related to the mission of Angela Gargano  


ATTITUDE: I will under NO circumstances tolerate a negative attitude. This does not mean you aren’t allowed to be human (we all have bad days), but it does mean you are responsible for your own “checks and balances”. Keep things in a positive perspective, remember your “why”, and focus on your purpose. You can come to me with any issue as long as your intention is to work towards resolving it. 

HONESTY: I will never judge you as a client for any slip-ups, mistakes, poor decisions. Again, we are all humans. However, I need you to be as transparent as possible so I can track all details. There is no sense in me spending the time and effort creating a plan for you if you aren’t going to follow it, or, to have me trying to figure out what’s not working if the truth is you just haven’t been consistent. This is pretty straight forward.

EFFORT: You have to show up for yourself 110% EVERYDAY, no matter what. The harder you work for me, the harder I work for you. I am not a “hand-holder”, and I cannot be there for you every single time you have a setback. This is where you will learn to become self-accountable and self-sufficient. We want to focus on cultivating confidence and capability. YOU are the HERO, and this is your journey. I am just the guide. 

TRUST: This is so, so vital! You are going to be pushing through some major personal development and growth during this process. Everybody’s process is different. Let go of the resistance to figure out how this is all going to unfold and trust YOURSELF, MY EXPERIENCE, and the PROCESS. Just a side note, the hardest part of this program has already been completed by you taking that first step; and for that you should feel insanely proud of yourself! Take a deep breath, put your hand over your heart, and tell yourself “this is my time, I am supported, and I am now in a safe space to begin my journey.” Now let’s have some fun and get STRONG AF together! 

I agree to give 110% commitment to this program, and because I am solely responsible for my progress, I understand that, NO refunds will be offered.


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