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14 Day Beginner Pull-Up Jumpstart

I made this program for YOU.

I made this program for everyone who has been struggling with their pull-up and can't commit to a full 30 day program.

I wanted to create something that would lead you in the right direction and set you up for success 

What you'll get:

⚡️ Learn what your pull-up should actually look like 

⚡️ Common Mistakes and how to fix them

⚡️ Shoulder Mobility Assessment 

⚡️ 2 Strength Tests (Before & After) 

⚡️ How to determine what phase YOU are in when learning that pull-up

⚡️ Mind-body Connection Chat (helping you learn how to actually engage those lats) 

⚡️ 14 Days of Workout Plan (with instructional videos!)

Complete all 14 days by August 6th for a chance to win my 30 Day Intensive Pull-Up Coaching Program 

I want you to be successful and I am confident this is the only guide you will need to finally jumpstart that pull-up process!


What equipment do you needed?! 

You can do this program entirely at home! 

  • Pull-up Bar
  • Assisted Pull-up Bands: You will want a variety of bands for not only different movements we will be doing but to continue to get RID and use a lighter band during the process 
  • Foam Roller: Because you will get sore and tight from working areas you haven’t worked before, we need to keep this tissue & muscle feeling GOOD during this process, I also recommend you getting a lacrosse ball but that is OPTIONAL
  • Dumbbells: Light to medium Set (If you can't find any, waterbottles or books also work!) 
  • Mini-Bands: Because there are LOTS of drills we will be doing and these mini bands help a ton with that 
  • Broom: A great tool to helping you with technique 
  • Towel: Great way to help with Improving your grip strength

Click here for my AMAZON suggested equipment