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The ONLY pull-up program of its kind

Are you ready to...

✓ Finally conquer your pull-up?

✓ Increase your strength and confidence?

✓ Completely revolutionize the way you feel about your body?

This program is for you.

Pull-up Revolution is a 30 Day Intensive Coaching Program that can be done completely from home, designed for those trying to get their first pull-up OR increase their max. 


Angela Gargano
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How many times have you broken up with your pull-up?

  • "It's too hard."
  • "Nothing is working."
  • "I'm not strong enough."
  • "What's the point?"

❌ Maybe you have tried bands FOREVER

❌ Maybe you've tried everything you could find online.

❌ And still.... nothing is working. So you break up with your pull-up and move on.

Did you know... you might already be strong enough to get a pull-up?

In my coaching program, I take all the guess work out of pull-ups

❌ NO MORE random things from instagram

❌ NO MORE doing ONLY assisted pull-ups

✔️ My program will take you through mobility, stability, and strength drills that are PROVEN to work


During these 30 days, I will personally coach you, and alongside my nutrition coach and my mobility coach, you will get the guidance and training you DESERVE.

Your coaches are READY to help take you to the next level.

This is an interactive, immersive, 30 day coaching program, where you will have daily access to me through the mobile app AND have weekly Zoom coaching calls. 

This is the only program of its kind.

You will leave stronger, more confident, and with an entirely new family that is ready to support you. 

How do I sign up?

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Step 1

Fill out the application HERE

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Step 2

Wait for email response

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Step 3

Official sign up!

More than just pull-ups

Pull-Up Revolution is now proud to offer Mindset & Nutrition coaching!

Meet your coaches

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Angela Gargano

Angela Gargano is a celebrity fitness personality and founder of Pull-Up Revolution: a program that helps women utilize their inner strength and improve their pull-ups. Both NYC/LA Based, Angela is a trainer who teaches special events and group classes based on her "Strong Feels Good" concept.  

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Lorraine Kearney, BASc, CDN

Lorraine is an adjunct Lecturer at the City University of New York, Cornell University guest speaker and Sugar Detox Expert. Her background is in dietetics, food science and psychology. Lorraine graduated from CUNY, accredited by the Commission of Dietetics and believes food should be celebrated and enjoyed, not feared.
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Cara Poalillo

Cara works as a mindset coach and CEO of The Ninjababes, a women’s empowerment organization. She hosts the popular The Ninjababes Podcast and Youtube channel. Cara speaks to athletes around the world through workshops and speeches. She has competed on the last two seasons of NBC’s American Ninja Warrior, advancing to the City Finals in both seasons.

I'm Ready
Angela Gargano

What's included?

✓ 30 days of coaching, ALL in the app, with instructional videos included

✓ Weekly Zoom calls where we can chat about YOUR individual goals

✓ Daily access to me as I coach you through this program

NEW: Mindset guides & coaching with Cara Poalillo

NEW: Nutrition guides & coaching with Lorraine Kearney

✓ Weekly lessons and modules to teach you about your pull-up, nutrition, and mindset

✓ Facebook group with Pull-Up Revolution community 

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Real people. Real results.

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The Pull Up Revolution program has been a game-changer for me. I'd tried to get pull-ups on my own in the past and never had success. What I like about PUR is that it's so comprehensive. I never realized mobility could be holding me back from getting pull-ups and when I was training on my own, I didn't truly understand how to progress or organize my training. With PUR, I feel confident that I'm training in a smart way and covering all the bases.

- Lynna B.

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With the Pull-Up Revolution program, I was able to go from 4 to 7 pull ups in a month, and progressed to 10 in the following months when repeating the program. The Pull-Up Revolution program is very structured and informative about why you are doing things in the way that you're doing them. The quick feedback helped correct many of the issues I was running into, and helped me improve my numbers on the next strength test attempts. Nothing feels better than getting "unstuck" when trying to break into the next level. I highly recommend!

- Brian H.

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I love the program. I had been wanting to get pull-ups for a long time but never could. All the random videos I found online either oversimplified it or made it too advanced.. Pull-Up Revolution worked because it finally helped me understand what's involved in the movement and the best ways to progress. It got me so much stronger! It also taught me a lot about activation, mobility, and stability, which will help me in all areas of fitness. The program helped me reach my goal by holding me accountable to daily, consistent workouts. The workouts were easy to fit into my schedule, and I looked forward to them! And Angela kept us so inspired and motivated along the way! 

- Lauren D.

Next Round of Pull-Up Revolution 2.0 Begins on October 5th

If you're ready for a complete, 360 degree approach to getting a pull-up, feeling more confident, and improving your health, mind, and body, what are you waiting for?  

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