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“Within two weeks to a month, I started feeling better, feeling more energized, and I had way less anxiety. Physically, I felt way better. I had way less stomach issues. I feel stronger, overall, both mentally and physically.”

- Chelsea B.

"I hadn't put myself first in a long time. This program has taught me how to be committed, how to make priorities, and follow through with them, which I really wasn't good at before. In the past I would have just quit, but Angela taught me about goals and how to accomplish them in small steps. I don't have to settle for what happened to me. It's in my control. This is teaching me to get my life back."

-Meghan T.

"I absolutely love this program. It is amazing and I am learning so much. I'm getting healthier and stronger, and I'm so happy with the program. I can't say enough good things about it. I love how Angela pushes us to be better and work harder and change things up. It is so much fun, and working with her has been a fabulous journey."

-Betsy H.

Meet Angela Gargano

Angela is a celebrity fitness personality and pull-up expert, helping clients utilize their inner strength to tone their bodies and minds, and completely revolutionize the way they see themselves.

 Located in both NYC/LA, Angela is a trainer that teaches special events and group classes based on her Strong Feels Good concept. 

Starring on NBC’s America Ninja Warrior and the winning Miss Fitness America 2016, Angela is known for her relentless pursuit to help her community crush their fitness goals and realize their inner strength.

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