Are you...


❌ "Too weak" to get your pull-up?

❌ Stuck at the bottom with no sign of progression?

❌ Stuck halfway up but need help getting at chin?

❌ Pulling with one arm more than the other?

❌ Just STUCK with no idea where to even start?


This is right for you if...


✔️ You're tired of feeling stuck

✔️ You have no idea where to begin and tired of piecing together random instagram or youtube posts to learn

✔️ You want to learn how to do a pull-up

✔️ You already have a pull-up, but you want to be able to do more

✔️ You enjoy programs that you can move through at your own pace

✔️ You have goals, but you also are on a budget

✔️ You're ready to learn the WHY, not just the how



So effective - you can get your first Pull-Up at 60 years old!


Check out the incredible results!


What's Included?



The Pull-Up is a FULL BODY movement, so these carefully designed workouts will target your upper body AND your core and glutes!



Each workout has an instructional video that will not only teach you how to do the exercise, but why you are doing it!



Your purchase of Pull-Up Revolution unlocks access to the Pull-Up Revolution facebook community to get support from fellow pull-up conquerers!

Let's get that Pull-up!


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Client Testimonials

"The pullup revolution breaks down the pulls up. This has helped me get stronger and engage my lats like never before. At this point I can do a half pullup. I am determined to succeed. I will continue to do the drills and hang on the bar. This program is designed for success. I can't wait to achieve my pull up and more."

— Lyubov Y.

"I really enjoyed the program. I have a shoulder injury that reoccurs, and all the warm ups and shoulder mobility drills were really good for it. I also found out about some imbalances in my form when pulling up, which will help me navigate my pull-up future and help me train to balance things out."

— Sandy S.

"I went from 0 to 3. I would highly recommend it to anyone that wants to learn how to do a pull up. Loved the workouts, the mobility and drills."

— Linda

"I really liked the program. It helped me learn how to do a proper pull up and got me to think outside the box on what things need to be done to get better at pull ups."

— Patrick D.

"By the end of the program, I was able to get 6 pull ups, and now I'm up to 10 pull ups! I really enjoyed the Pull-Up Revolution program because it kept me accountable on getting the work done and it provided a great structure to achieve those pull-ups! I loved how hands on Angela was with our progress and ensured that we were getting the most out of the program. Her knowledge and advice was invaluable and really allowed me to trust the process. The Pull Up Revolution was able to get me stronger and more in tune with my body. Not only did the program help me achieve more than I ever imagined with my pull-ups, but I was able to get stronger in my core, my glutes and legs. Even though we focused on getting those pull ups, the program provided a variety of full-body movements that helped me move better!"

— Rachel L.

"I love the program. I had been wanting to get pull-ups for a long time but never could. All the random videos I found online either oversimplified it or made it too advanced.. Pull-Up Revolution worked because it finally helped me understand what's involved in the movement and the best ways to progress. It got me so much stronger! It also taught me a lot about activation, mobility, and stability, which will help me in all areas of fitness. The program helped me reach my goal by holding me accountable to daily, consistent workouts. The workouts were easy to fit into my schedule, and I looked forward to them! And Angela kept us so inspired and motivated along the way!"

— Lauren D.



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