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Master your pull-up, crush your fitness goals & feel better than ever! 

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My Mission

My Strong Feels Good Programs are designed to help you channel that inner strength so that you not only get that tight tone body you've always wanted, but so that you feel confident. Helping to LIFT you up, give you the structure you were longing for & pushing you and holding you accountable along your journey!

30 Day Pull-up Program

Ready to revolutionize the way YOU feel about your body & master that pull-up! This program is for those who are looking to get their first pull-up or improve the pull-ups they have now. Improve your strength, get that tight tone body & become more confident.

American Ninja Warrior ACL Journey 

On Season 10 of American Ninja Warrior, I dismounted off an obstacle and tore my right ACL. It was my second ACL tear..during this journey back I tracked my progress and used my injury as an opportunity to help others going through the same thing. This journey lead me to a fierce 11 month comeback on Season 11 which you won't want to miss ;) 

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Meet Angela 

Angela Gargano is a celebrity fitness personality helping clients utilize their inner strength to tone and rejuvenate their bodies and minds.Revolutionizing the way they feel.

 Located in both NYC/LA, Angela is a trainer that teaches special events and group classes based on her Strong Feels Good Concept. 

Starring on NBC’s America Ninja Warrior and the winner of Miss Fitness America 2016, Angela is known for her relentless pursuit to help her community crush their fitness goals and realize their inner strength.


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