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I get it...

In my early 20s I weighed 115 pounds and when my gymnastics career came to an end. I was drinking beer, eating off the Wendy’s dollar menu daily, and messing around doing random workouts in the gym 5 days a week. I felt like shit, I was tired ALL the time and when I stepped into a real gym I was completely lost, bored, and uncomfortable.

When I stopped focusing on losing weight or trying to get "smaller", and started focusing on getting STRONGER instead, THAT is when it will ALL came together.

At 126 pounds, I look and feel better than I ever have (yes.. that’s a HIGHER weight!)

THIS is EXACTLY why I created this Strong Feels Good Program. This program will get you clear on EXACTLY what you need to do to reach your goals of becoming stronger, toning up, and feeling damn good!


A look inside...

As a member of the Strong Feels Good community, you'll have access to 5 workouts per week, delivered through the convenient membership portal. Not only do you have instructional videos of each workout you ALSO can do them LIVE with Angela and her infectious and motivating personality. These workouts are designed to be both fun AND challenging! This program also includes an exercise tutorial library if you need extra practice!

In these workouts we ALWAYS warm-up, activation & cool-down so that you can truly see progress! We also measure progress with monthly strength tests, NOT weigh-ins! In Strong Feels Good we don't use "weight" as a means of success! We shift our perspective and focus on getting stronger both mentally and physically. 

Stay accountable, make friends, and get support with the STRONG FEELS GOOD Facebook Community!


REAL Strong Feels Good Member Results!

“I've been really enjoying SFG - it's challenging and I love that the workouts vary and you can modify them (like adding weights), because I can get bored doing the same thing. I really love the fun names of the workouts too! SFG has also helped me stay motivated to workout and stay fit - I look forward to seeing what i'm doing each day.


I LOVE this program SO MUCH!! I LOVE everything about it!!! I love the app, I love the format of the app, I love the videos and I LOVE the way Angela explains/breaks down each and every exercise. I have never worked with a Coach virtually before in my life. It is absolutely mind boggling to me how phenomenally well this program has worked for me. This program has transformed my body in ways that I never even imagined was ever possible. I am 43 years old and the last time that I was in such great strength & shape I was 30 years old. I absolutely love and appreciate how the program is organized, methodical and scientific that it is.....I am SO Grateful!!

...People that know me are BLOWN away by how my body has changed, by the results and the way I look, ALL of this only since May (3/4 months). People I know and even don't know well DM me on IG and ask me to be their trainer.  I took one or two classes and fell in love with her infectious, awesome positive energy & huge smiles!!! I am GRATEFUL every day for having found her & being able to do her workouts....I feel like I am coming out healthier and ON TOP all because of these programs. Through Angela's programming, the stronger I physically get, the stronger I feel like I can tackle any obstacles that come my way now. This is something that I had lost about 3 years ago when I lost my Dad, but I am fighting, working hard and working my way out through it!!!



This is for you if... 

  • You want to focus on your health and fitness, but you have no idea where to start.
  • You feel overwhelmed when you step into a gym
  • You've tried a lot of different programs but haven't found one you like
  • You are ready for structured workouts monthly that constantly build on each other. 
  • You're ready to CRUSH your fitness goals 
  • You need support and accountability
  • You want to feel like you're a part of a community of people who really "get" you
  • If you're ready to actually show up for your workouts, not just think about them
  • You're ready to take the next step to getting stronger than you ever have
  • You're ready to feel amazing
  • You're ready to LOOK amazing 


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  • 5 workouts per week (Follow Along & Instructional)
  • Exercise tutorial library
  • Nutrition challenge
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  • 5 workouts per week (Follow Along & Instructional) for 365 Days!! 
  • Exercise tutorial library
  • Nutrition Challenge! 
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