Starts September 30th


8 Week Program Includes

Warrior Shred is an 8-week program designed to get you shredded by primarily focusing on your strength goals. Whether you’re a former athlete, fitness junkie or Warrior newbie, you’ll love these workouts. And since they only require minimal equipment, you can even do them at home. You’ll begin by setting your goals based on a personal strength test on the very first day. Plus, to keep you accountable and motivated, Angela has designed some fun, built-in tasks for you to complete during your journey such as a Goal Sheet, a Letter to Yourself, Weekly Measurements and Photos, and “Sweaty Selfies” to post on social media in the private Facebook group.


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Not only will you be rewarded with incredible strength and personal accomplishment, you also could win an amazing fitness adventure! Complete all the required elements of the Warrior Shred program and you will be automatically entered for our grand-prize draw for Angela’s Awesome Fitness Adventure. Contest details coming soon!

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