What is Core Revolution?

While all the fancy fitness moves are fun to do and watch, what's really important is making sure you have a strong foundation. I created this program because when I tore my ACL on Ninja Warrior, the first thing my Physical Therapist made me do was work on these boring ass core exercises. I was pretty annoyed...
"why am I not working on my knee? These movements look WAY too easy."
But I was WRONG. Yes, I might have a visible six-pack, but these basic core movements DESTROYED me. Maybe I wasn't so strong after all.

So I asked him what the hell this had to do with my knee, and his response was this:

"The reason why you hurt yourself is most likely because you didn't have a strong foundation."

You know what... he was right. I focused so much on the "fun", crazy stuff that I didn't have a proper foundation. 


... so you better have a strong one!

My Mission

My mission is to help you build the STRONGEST foundation possible so that you can be SUCCESSFUL in ALL areas of your life. 

Not just fitness!

I'm talking sitting in a chair and working on the computer, carrying groceries, walking your dog, and so much more! I want you to feel solid. 

Your core is a part of EVERYTHING you do. Walking, standing, sitting... you name it! Having a weak core means you start to feel pain in other parts of your body (your back, neck, hips, knees, etc.) and increases the risk of injury. 

Are you ready to ditch that chronic pain and feel stronger, more confident, and get some killer abs?

What's Included?

30 Days of Workouts

Just 15-20 minutes a day!

Go at your own pace. 

Video Instruction

Each workout has an instructional video that will not only teach you how to do the exercise, but why you are doing it!

No Equipment Needed!

This is an AT HOME workout! You do not need any equipment and you do not need a gym membership!


Here's what people are saying about

Core Revolution

“The best comprehensive core program I've ever done!”

-Stephanie K.

This was an amazing, challenging and well organized program.  The information and videos on the site were wonderful! The ability to go back and look at videos to ensure proper form was very beneficial.  The positive feedback from Angela is a constant and motivating to keep us going.  The sense of community with those participating in the program is terrific.  I have enjoyed this immensely and have recommended it to my friends, family and colleagues.  THANK YOU!”

-Elida L.

“I feel so many ways right now! To begin with I was on the verge to quit early on, but the support I received from other participants and Angela made me stick to it...and I'm glad I did! I am so much more aware of my core, and I can definitely feel a difference!"



Join the hundreds of Core Revolution success stories, improve your core strength, ditch that back pain for good, and gain the strength and confidence you DESERVE.