So you're stuck at the bottom...


❌ You get up on the bar and nothing happens

❌ You can get your chin above the bar with the assisted bands, but as soon as you take them off, you're back to 0

❌ Nothing seems to be working

❌ You feel too weak, too heavy, or too old to ever be able to get your chin above that bar

Sound familiar?

You've come to the right place.





Pull-Up Revolution Track 1:

Started from the Bottom


Is specifically designed for those of you who are stuck at the bottom of your pull-up! This is the EXACT Programming I have used to help hundreds of women go from Zero to multiple pull-ups in record time... Being stuck at the bottom means you can hang for a little bit on the bar but when you attempt to TRY a pull-up! It basically goes no where 🤷🏻‍♀️😅...BUT not ANYMORE because this program was specifically designed to get you PAST that FINALLY! 




Pull-Up Revolution: Track 1


Payment plan available! Click here for 4 payments of $46.99

Struggling to get your pull-up?

Stuck at the bottom?

Can't make it past halfway?

Pull-Up Revolution: Track 1 targets the specific needs of someone who is looking to get their chin above the bar for the first time!


Pull-Up Revolution 3 Track System


save $28!

Get the entire Pull-Up Revolution System (18 weeks) to transform your pull-up at every step of the journey.

Track 1: Started From the Bottom

Track 2: Halfway There

Track 3: All The Way Up


What's included?

At the end of this Pull-Up Program, you will leave feeling stronger than ever, more confident, and and equipped with the exact blueprint you need to reach your pull-up goals.


✅ 6 Week Intensive Pull-Up Program all with video guidance

✅ Choose either the 3 workout per week plan or the 5 workout per week plan, both with an easy calendar for you to follow

✅ Downloadable, printable PDF

✅ Modules and programming tailored to those stuck at the bottom of their pull-up; learn the WHY, not just the HOW


✅ Exclusive online support community


Hundreds of happy customers!


I went from 0 to 3 pull-ups. I would highly recommend it to anyone that wants to learn how to do a pull up. Loved the workouts, the mobility and drills.”


I really liked the program. It helped me learn how to do a proper pull up and got me to think outside the box on what things need to be done to get better at pull ups.”


The Pull Up Revolution program has been a game-changer for me. I'd tried to get pull-ups on my own in the past and never had success. What I like about PUR is that it's so comprehensive. I never realized mobility could be holding me back from getting pull-ups and when I was training on my own, I didn't truly understand how to progress or organize my training. With PUR, I feel confident that I'm training in a smart way and covering all the bases.”


The Pull Up Revolution was able to get me stronger and more in tune with my body. Not only did the program help me achieve more than I ever imagined with my pull-ups, but I was able to get stronger in my core, my glutes and legs. Even though we focused on getting those pull ups, the program provided a variety of full-body movements that helped me move better! ”



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