What is Full Body Revolution 2.0?

Full Body Revolution is the at-home workout program you've always dreamed of, with new and improved workouts that can be done with basic equipment.

My original Full Body Revolution program was such a success that I decided to revamp and redesign it with equipment in mind!

Full Body Revolution is a 30-day, at-home workout program that follows a self-guided, easy-to-use format that is designed for YOUR individual success.

All you need is mini bands and light-medium dumbbells!

My Mission

I believe that Strong Feels Good.

I was a competitive gymnast my entire life, and I was ridiculed in school for my arm muscles. I was ashamed of them. I wore huge hoodies even in 90 degree weather just to hide them.

After graduating with a degree in Biochemistry and working in pharmaceuticals, I decided to drop it all and pursue my passion for fitness. 

Throughout my fitness journey, I learned to love my body, to embrace my strength, and not to hide anymore.

I made it my mission to help people become stronger, more confident, and more in love with themselves, inside and out. 

I believe in teaching you not just how to do these exercises, but also why you're doing them. I believe in helping you build a strong foundation and develop the confidence to build on that throughout your journey.

You ARE strong. You CAN do this. 


What's Included?


Only about 30 minutes each! 

Go at your own pace


Each workout has an instructional video that will not only teach you how to do the exercise, but why you are doing it!


These workouts are designed for mini bands and light-medium dumbbells, and can be done at home OR in your gym!



here's what people are saying about Full Body Revolution

I joined this challenge because I loved Angela's workouts and wanted more of them. I wanted to be stronger, and the program pushed me to work harder and be stronger. I loved it! 

- Einat C.

I LOVED IT!!!!!!! It was amazing!!! I feel like it really helped transform my body & strength!!  I love how the days and body parts were broken down for us. I love how methodical Angela's programs are and how it helps build up strength. 

- Miryam K.

Excellent! Great information & learning. I am almost double Angela's age, and I was able to achieve 25% improvement in push ups, and one minute improvement on my mile run.

- Sal


Join the dozens of Full body Revolution success stories and gain the strength and confidence you DESERVE, all in the comfort of your own home.