30 Days of Hanging and Competing on Ninja Warrior

Uncategorized Apr 04, 2023

Let’s talk today about ALL things hanging and American Ninja Warrior!

Last week I competed on American Ninja Warrior for my 5th TIME! I am now 32 years old and I am still in shocked that my body is able to still “ninja,” and that I was asked to come back to complete again.  When I turned 30, I was anticipating my athletic career being over, and while things have definitely changed in my body and I do have to workout a bit differently and recover more, I actually feel stronger and smarter in my training than I ever have!

But before we get into the deets of American Ninja Warrior, I wanted to talk about how me and thousands of other people completed 30 Days of Hanging!

Hanging has incredible benefits like:

👉🏻 ImprovedPosture

👉🏻 Improved grip strength, which is directly related to measuring your OVERALL health! So by improving grip strength, you will essentially live longer (you're welcome)

👉🏻 It decompresses the spine and can help reduce back pain if you have any

BUT what’s even MORE beneficial from hanging each day is SHOWING UP FOR YOURSELF EACH DAY. It’s something you can do that is SIMPLE, doesn’t take a lot of time, and adds a quick win to your everyday life!

If you want to know ho long I hang (because that is legit the one question I get asked all the time), I created a full challenge and chart that you can follow. Click here to sign up for free!

But it’s important to note that you should NOT be trying to hit your personal best hang time every single day. You want to so slowly build up to that by hanging less, but more frequently! It’s like when you are training to run a marathon, you aren’t running a marathon everyday... instead you are actually slowly doing more frequent runs. 

Okay okay so now it’s time to chat all things NINJA!

This is my 5th time doing the show, and this time it took place in Los Angeles at the Universal Backlot Studios. So we basically were on a movie set, which as amazing!

We arrived on Wednesday, got our numbers (mine was 247, which means I was running 47th in the night), and I discovered that I was competing for Season 16 which, will be airing in 2024… so it might be a while until you see it. 

On Thursday, we do something called B-ROLL and interviews! This is where they interview us for the show about our lives and we get to do fun poses and stuff on a green screen! I always think this is super fun! But I feel like you never really see a lot of it when the show airs.

Then on Friday, we met at 3:45pm to be shuttled over to set which takes about 1 hour. They put us in a holding tent outside. I bought an air mattress and blanket to blow up because I knew that I was number 47, which means I would competing most likely around 3am in the morning. It kinda feels like you are in summer camp with a bunch of your friends waiting around in a tent, which is honestly pretty fun!

The night continued on as we waiting for each person to go one by one and a group of my friends came to set at 12am in the morning! Shout out to my best friends Marissa, Bronte, Danielle for coming to set to support me ! My boyfriend was in Chicago so he Zoomed into the show!

So here’s the deal... I am not allowed to tell you how I did until it airs! But I will say this. After hosting a retreat, starting small group training, and then all the travel, staying up over night. My body was not feeling its best. I kinda felt like I was floating. My muscles were aching, I was completely bruised up from training a few nights before at a gym that had created similar obstacles that we could try. Because you do NOT get a chance to see or try ANY of the obstacles before you compete.

But even with feeling horrible and tired, I am an athlete, so I am aware that you are not going to be 100% when you compete sometimes.

The real WIN out of competing is:

  1. The people I met each year from all walks of life! I met someone who does amazing wilderness stuff, someone who lives in Alaska, someone who creates ice sculpture experiences with their family, and young girls that I had competed with years ago who I basically watched grow up.
  2. Just being there… out of thousands of applications I was chosen! Only 60 people were chosen this year and I was one of them.
  3. My support system… having friends that are willing to fly to another state and stay up over night JUST to support me is incredible. I have a boyfriend that TRULY supports what I am doing and lifts me up when I am struggling and reminds me of the potential I have.

I am saying this because just like anything... maybe your goal is to lose a specific amount of pounds or maybe it’s to conquer your first pull-up. Once you complete those things it feels AMAZING, but what you realize is that there are so many other WINS besides reaching that destination. 

Today I am writing this to you all, I am still exhausted, my body is still bruised, I feel behind on a lot I am supposed to be doing, but I am giving myself the next two days to be, to feel and to rest… whatever my body is asking for, I am giving it.

I will keep you all updated on when the NEXT Ninja Warrior is! Thanks for supporting me!


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