Celebrating Our Summer Shred WINNERS

My 12 Week Summer Shred Series ended this week and I had to choose three winners. It was a TOUGH choice since so many of my shredders absolutely annihilated the program and I'm SO proud of everyone. You know, it was hard to stay on track! With the summer in full swing and the world opening up after so many of us were locked inside, staying motivated and consistent was challenging. But this crew CRUSHED it. I am honored to announce the THREE Winners of the Summer Shred Series and to chat a bit more about their personal journeys.

First Place: Best Transformation

Winner of $1000 Cash

1:1 Session with me ($250)

3 Months FREE of Strong Feels Good Gold Program (priceless, we no longer offer this program)

Rebeca B.

All the way from Mexico, Rebeca literally showed up to EVERY SINGLE day for her workouts and to ALL the Zoom Classes. She truly dedicated herself even when times got tough. And I couldn’t be more THRILLED than to gift her this cash prize because I KNOW she is going...

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