Growth hurts... literally.

acl recovery Sep 26, 2022

Today I wanted to do a quick check-in with everyone and talk about growth, because the truth is....

Growth Hurts…literally!

But we have a choice. We can stay stuck or we can lean into the discomfort

I decided to lean into it, but it took awhile to get there.

You see, I had EVERYTHING going for me. I owned a gym, I was getting in magazines, and I even had a boyfriend for a hot second.

And then BOOM.

In one flash of a second EVERYTHING changed.

I tore my ACL on National Television (Ninja Warrior 2018) in front of HUNDREDS of people. I was embarrassed, I was frustrated.

Everyone watched me go from being one of the strongest top females to a crippled girl who was broken.

So what did I do?

I took a moment to feel what I needed to, to feel all the suck. To sit in the shit moment. To say, "why me?". I was so broken at one point that I didn't want to live anymore. I felt like my identity was gone since I wasn't an athlete.

Until I finally got tired of my own shit and realized it was...

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A Tale of Two ACL Tears: My ACL Story

acl acl recovery podcast Jul 18, 2022


Today’s episode answers a question I get all the time: how did I get through TWO ACL tears and come out stronger than ever? 

I was a competitive gymnast for years, and despite gymnastics being a high-risk sport, I never really had a significant injury… until one day during my sophomore year in college where I was practicing a new combination tumbling pass that ended with a double full. I told myself I was going to do one more… famous last words, right? It was on that last turn that I injured my knee. 

Years later, when I was the strongest I had ever been in my life, I was competing on American Ninja Warrior, and on national television, I tore my OTHER ACL after dismounting from an obstacle. 

In this episode, I’m going to talk about everything I went through tearing my ACL not once, but twice, and all the things I learned along the way that allowed me to come out of that opportunity (yes, opportunity) to learn and be stronger. 


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