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I Photoshopped Myself on the Cover of a Magazine... Here's What Happened

motivation Jul 30, 2021


Growing up, I always looked up to the women on Oxygen Magazine Cover. Their image projected confident, strong leaders in the industry. I always felt like I had SOMETHING in me, and I would read through the articles and picture myself being on the cover one day. At the time, it seemed impossible and out of reach. Little did I know, my dream would become a reality at the age of 31. 

How did it all start? 

In 2013, I started doing fitness competitions, feeling more confident with my body, and developing a love for being on camera, whether it was in video or in photographs. I started my own youtube channel and even did some content for a popular platform called

One of my first videos.... 

I was definitely knowledgable about all things working out and nutrition from my experience as a college gymnast, fitness competitor, and ninja warrior. Viewers told me I had a more digestible and welcoming way of explaining movements from my background of...

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