Managing Expectations with Cory Camp

cory camp podcast Jul 18, 2022

I’m so excited to welcome my friend Cory on the show! Cory is the founder of Forever Athlete, a post-sport locker room that exists to connect and nourish former athletes. Forever Athlete offers holistic support through a digital community platform, captain led in-person events around the world, and Away Games.The goal of Forever Athlete is to play a good game of life with a team that supports you unconditionally.

In this episode, we’re going to talk about managing expectations, whether that’s in relationships, in business, or in life. 

Remember, it’s not the six pack, or the scholarship, or the sponsorship, or whatever it is that you’re chasing that’s going to bring you fulfillment. It’s learning to enjoy the process along the way, because you’ll never actually get to that destination. There’s always more to do. There’s always one more thing. But if you can learn to create some joy along the journey and try new...

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