Life happens... a lot!

I have really been enjoying working closely with a select group of women. I am super proud of my client, Aimee. After not working out in awhile, we got her back in the grove of hitting 5 workouts a week, starting back to the basics, mastering them, getting decent schedule down.

She was ON A ROLL… until well, life happened. Her cat went missing, and she finally found him, (I can relate this so much since I used to have an outdoor cat.)

Because of this, her schedule got a bit messed up. She wasn’t able to get her workout in early like she had wanted. Instead of beating herself up about it and stressing, she simply just moved her workout to a different time that day, from the normal 7am to 1:30pm.

Not only did she make the time, she also realize how damn good it felt to take her mind off all the stress and get movement in.

It’s in this moment as I read her messages and schedule her workouts for next week that you can SEE exactly why movement isn’t just about working out... it’s much more than that.

It’s taking that much needed breathing time after a stressful day

It’s also important to know that things are not always going to go right in life, so being flexible and learning to go with the flow without stress is so damn helpful in this process of life.

Take away the pressure of perfection and know that LIFE will happen.

I really wanted to share Aimee's story, and if YOU are interested in 1:1 Customized Training with me you can apply! Even if it's not a right fit, I will send you a personal message to help lead you in the right direction for your goals.


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