Growth hurts... literally.

acl recovery Sep 26, 2022

Today I wanted to do a quick check-in with everyone and talk about growth, because the truth is....

Growth Hurts…literally!

But we have a choice. We can stay stuck or we can lean into the discomfort

I decided to lean into it, but it took awhile to get there.

You see, I had EVERYTHING going for me. I owned a gym, I was getting in magazines, and I even had a boyfriend for a hot second.

And then BOOM.

In one flash of a second EVERYTHING changed.

I tore my ACL on National Television (Ninja Warrior 2018) in front of HUNDREDS of people. I was embarrassed, I was frustrated.

Everyone watched me go from being one of the strongest top females to a crippled girl who was broken.

So what did I do?

I took a moment to feel what I needed to, to feel all the suck. To sit in the shit moment. To say, "why me?". I was so broken at one point that I didn't want to live anymore. I felt like my identity was gone since I wasn't an athlete.

Until I finally got tired of my own shit and realized it was time to change my perspective. (mind you this took about 3 months)

I took this time being crippled to work on my mental health; to work on finding myself and understanding that not ONE thing defines me.

And when I stepped on that course again the next year, it wasn't only my knee that was stronger, it was my mind. I was an even better version of myself than I was before because of that discomfort.

Why am I sharing this?

What I realized is that so many people talk about the beginning and end of their journey. But the in between gets lost sometimes and that in between is the most important part.

Now when things get uncomfortable, I lean right in, because I know with discomfort comes growth and opportunity. And I also have a tool box of experiences to help me enjoy the ride a bit more.

Maybe it’s not an injury… maybe it’s losing a job, maybe it’s getting out of a relationship…everyone's discomfort is different.

But if you’re having a moment, I encourage you to shift your perspective. Because growth is coming your way 🙌🏻

Discomfort = Growth = Opportunity

One of my 1:1 clients tripped the other day and broke her toe and bruised up her knee…UGH! Like how frustrating is that!?

Instead of throwing in the towel with training, we are working around it. We're focusing on upper body and core and doing movement seated instead of standing. We're focusing on areas we CAN strengthen.

1:1 coaching gives me the opportunity to help each person specifically on what they need. If YOU feel like this is something you need, take a moment to fill out this 1:1 application. Even if it’s not a good fit, I will still send you a personal email with feedback to help you conquer your goals.


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