4 Game Changing Q's to help you Conquer your Pull-up (Beginner Friendly)

pull-ups Jul 21, 2022

Sometimes there's just ONE single Q, that will be a game-changer in conquering your pull-up. This is going to over 4 that have helps hundreds conquer their pull-up!  

So in this video I go through 4, that have helped beginners & all types of people finally get their pull-up!


Instead of Pull-up A lot of times when we think "Pull UP" we tend to use our shoulders! Where if we thing "Pull DOWN" we actually start to use our back/lats


2- Elbows Towards Rib Cage

So many times you might want to lead your elbows forward which could lead to elbow pain! Instead, think elbows to ribcage

3- Break the Bar

Literally...trying to break the bar will engage those lats and allow all the right muscles to work

4-Aggressively Pull-Down

As soon as you get eye level with the bar aggressively pull-down and it will make the pull-up seem way easier ! Anyways, hope these were helpful for you!


Let me know if there is ANYthing else I can help you with your pull-up =)


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