4 Things I'm Bad At and Why It's Important to Challenge Yourself

podcast Jul 18, 2022

Welcome to Season 2 of the Strong Feels Good Podcast!

I have been running 2x per week, usually early in the morning when the sun is rising. It’s really been a super peaceful experience. For so long, wondered why are people would doing this... waking up early and running? YUCK!

But the more I do i, the more I get it. Like working out, it’s more than just the physical aspect. It’s about being able to wake up and be completely immersed in your thoughts where you can have some serious time with you, yourself, and nothing else. But sometimes that can be a scary place to be.

Like many people, I tend to try and distract myself so that I don’t need to deal with bigger issues happening in my life. I keep as busy as possible, but running forces me to be alone with my thoughts in the morning to think things through.

So this week I decided it’s time to talk more about these thoughts I’ve been having so that maybe they can help you along your journey. Maybe you will relate? 

Lately, I have been feeling super "not good enough," and that’s because I am challenging myself to do more things I am "bad" at.  It’s humbling. I look around sometimes and feel like everyone is just so much better than me at literally everything and that I'm always a step behind. 

It’s tough to be a beginner again. It's tough to admit that something is hard. Here are 4 things I know that I'm bad at... but why I do them anything.


Thing I'm bad at #1: Running

For some reason, running has ALWAYS been tough for me. It takes me back to the elementary school physical fitness test. I remember crushing the Presidential Award... except for the running part. Every time I tried to do the mile, I would never make the time I needed. So I kept skipping lunch each day and to practice doing it over and over again. I felt like I was legitimately dying. I always had a hard time breathing. I always watched everyone run by me and felt like I wasn’t good enough. 

As I got older and started to do Spartan races, I wanted to do more. So I started to run with some of my members at the gym I owned. We called them Saturday Morning Trail/Hill runs. I eventually got better at those... until I tore my ACL. One step forward, two steps back, right?

Now it’s been a journey to get back to feeling decent with running again. I’ve realized I can keep feeling bad about myself for running slow, or I can show up each day and do the tough thing. I'm trying to challenge myself, to not compare myself to others, and to just do the best I can. And what we forget sometime is just showing up in anything is the first step. Even if youf feel like you're gonna suck, show up anyway.


Thing I'm bad at #2: Having hard conversations

I actually gave up on dating while back. I constantly felt like I was bad at it, because I feel like I am bad at it was having the hard conversations and asking the hard, awkward questions. So I have been trying to be better with at not being scared of bringing up my feelings or saying what I want to say.

Because here's the honest truth: the right people in your life will never make you feel weird about a question you may have. I keep that in the back of my mind and remember that the right people will stay or be open to the conversation. But I still get nervous with this. And it’s not just with dating and relationships, it's also in my business. I'm working on asking for what I want without being afraid.


Thing I'm bad at #3: trying different sports

 I got asked to play on a softball team. I swear... at one point in high school I was a total badass at playing softball. When I went to play, I was quickly humbled. I was scared of the ball and I had no hand eye coordination. I started to have anxiety about it because like many high achievers, I like to be good at things. I really started to feel bad. "Why can’t I catch the damn ball?! " 

I have to sit back and realize that it’s okay if I am not as good as I thought. If I want to get better, I just need to show up! My friend Corey has been playing catch with me and he's super supportive of helping me improve my skills, and that’s also what’s important!

When you are doing things you are bad at, be around the people who actually support you. Notice who is sticking around to help you become better and walk away from anyone who isn't.

Thing I'm bad at #4: Organizing and delegating in my biz

 For the longest time, I have basically been a lone wolf and I never knew support was a thing. As my business grows, I am realizing how I cannot be everything. But for me as a creative, delegating and organizing is hard for me. I take messy action and I impulsively just go for things, which is also a superpower. Sitting back and forcing myself to get organized is tough, which is why it’s been so important to have someone around who IS good at those things. And thank goodness for my assistant, Sarah. She supports me, she helps me organize, and I know we're headed in the right direction!

Doing things you're "bad" at will help you grow. It will help you learn something about yourself. But the ultimate lesson is to not be hard on yourself, and know that you don’t have to go about it alone. And you know what? There are TONS of things that you ARE amazing at, so don’t forget that either! Give yourself praise and grace for the things that you are good at and challenge yourself to do the things you aren't so good at.



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