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7 Exercises to improve your Grip Strength

Uncategorized Dec 18, 2019

8 Exercises to Improve your Grip Strength! 

So you are so pumped to get your first pull-up BUT….your hands literally slide right off the bar! 

This is extremely common which is why it's super important to work on grip strength drills. There are a TON of different ways to do this! But I put together some of my favorites below! 


  1. Plate Pinches 
  2. Towel Farmers Carries 
    1. Wrap towel  around a Kettlebell or Barbell & Walk! Increase weight to make it more challenging! 
  3. Plate Tosses
    1. Great burn in the shoulders and its just FUN! Keep your shoulders NICE and relaxed while doing this and you can have some fun and toss the plate to your friends 
  4. MB Half Get-Ups 
    1. Make sure to look AT the ball while you are doing this really hold on tight with your finger & grasp the ball. 
  5. Rope Walk Downs 
    1. This is a great exercise also to progress you to a rope climb! Go down as far as YOU feel comfortable making sure to go hand over hand & hand under hand 
  6. Towel Pull-Ups 
    1. Please note that you can totally do these assisted if you have a hard time pulling up! =) 
  7. Finger tip Push-ups 
    1. Do these on your knees to start! 

Hope this was helpful! Try the exercises out and let me know how it goes! 


Also, Free Pull-up guide here!




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