6 Basics Moves to know if you are new to the gym

Uncategorized Dec 26, 2019

6 Basic Moves to know if you are NEW to the gym

The gym can be an intimidating place, especially if you are new to it. Not only do you get anxiety from being surrounded by so many people but you feel insecure that you are doing the moves wrong and that everyone is looking at you.

That's why I put this together. If you can master and understand these 6 moves it will help you understand so many other aspects of fitness. You will then feel more confident when entering a gym setting and ready to attack your goals! 



Elbow Plank:

This is a great core exercise that is used in SO many other aspects of fitness. So important for you to master and understand it! 


  • Your should be directly over those elbow 
  • Back FLAT (your butt should not be in the air or super low to the ground)
  • You should NEVER have back pain during this exercise if you do, you need to re-adjust 

Tips for modifications:

  • Drop down to your knees, maintain that tight core position and flat back
  • Spread your legs further apart to create more surface area making the move easier 


Hollow Hold:

Another one of my favorite core moves. This will teach you how to really push that lower back to the ground and control that core.


  • Shoulders OFF the Ground 
  • Back FLAT and pushed to the ground there should not be a hole or arch in your back while doing this 
  • Legs hovering over the floor! 
  • AGAIN you should NEVER feel back pain 

Tips for Modification:

  • Start in a Ball and put your hands on your lap, push your legs and hands out at the same time, stop where you start to feel the "burn" slowly progress each time until you can extend this all the way out 



The squat is a very common leg exercise so it's important that you master it correctly.


  • Feet shoulder width apart…
  • Chest up tall, tight core
  • Sit STRAIGHT down til your but goes slightly below parallel
  • Stand back up and squeeze
  • Knee should be in LINE with the toes but not pushing too far over them, if you Go TOO far over it eventually can lead to irritation of the patella.

NOTE: Everyones Squat Stance is DIFFERENT. Some people turn their toes out more than others, some keep their legs completely parallel. Its not necessarily wrong its just what works better for your body. For example, I slightly turn out my toes because my knee naturally have an internal rotation. 

Shoes or No Shoes?

So when you squat the weight should be in the center of your foot, not on the toes, not on the heels. So not wearing shoes allows you to feel a little better where your foot is actually pressing. 

Tips for Modification:

  • Start with Squat Sits, keep lowering the point of contact until you feel comfortable without it 
  • You can also hold a counterweight in your arms and extend out while you sit! This will help to make the squat easier and more comfortable. 


Another common exercise that has tons of benefits! 


  • Start with legs together, step one foot out a decent amount in front of you, I always like to say put your heel down first and then sit straight down into the lunge bending both the front and back leg at 90 degrees 
  • The back knee should lower down nice and controlled and barely touch the ground or touch is softly 
  • You front leg your knee should in line with your toe but not too far where it is causing knee pain 


  • Lunges can be A LOT especially for a beginner a great modification is to hold onto a wall while doing them so that you can stay in more control 

Bicep Curls 

Another great basic movement that really test you control of your arms and your core. If you don't have weights you can always use water bottle like I did 


  • Slight Bend in your knees
  • Elbows in by your side for the entire movement 
  • Make sure when you lift those arms and bend the elbows that you don't lean back keep that core nice and tight the whole time 


  • If you are having trouble keeping that core tight and standing up right, stand against a wall for more control


Another great exercise that translates into so so many different movements 


  • In an upright plank on your hands 
  • But down, core tight and shoulders directly over the wrist 
  • Lower down by bending the elbows
  • Elbows should be bent at 45 degrees and not pointing horizontally 
  • Everything should lower down at once! 


  • Put your hands on an incline to make this movement easier 
  • Drop to your knees to make easier as well 


All these movements are super basic but super necessary. If you can feel confident and master these then you can progress upward to more difficult movements. What's important is that you have an understanding of each movement you are doing and that you aren't just flaying your body around. 


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