Analyzing My Blood Work with Jonathan Mendoza (Part 1)

jonathan mendoza podcast Jul 18, 2022

I’m SO excited about this 3 part series! I got some blood work done, and I am sharing my results with YOU. We’re going to go through my lab results with Jonathan Mendoza, a nurse practitioner and chiropractor. If you want to read and follow along, here are my results!

My scan looked at my body as a whole, but focused specifically on my heart, because my whole body is pretty much connected to it! We’ll look at how my liver, thyroid, and hormones are doing. A lot of times, elite athletes like me don’t get the whole picture. In part 1, we’re going to look at my cholesterol, my blood sugar, and my fat levels. The results might surprise you!

I hope this series helps you learn more about what your labs can tell you about your body. Stay tuned for part 2 next week!





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