warrior of the week May 21, 2021
“What I really needed was accountability… I knew I really needed something and someone to make sure I stayed accountable, and this was perfect for that.”

Jersey girl Andrea is from Randolph, NJ and a mother of two and a pharmaceutical executive. Andrea’s family is an active one: they work out together, and they stay active during vacations with hiking, biking, and white water rafting. Her job is pretty sedentary, and she has a long commute to work. Pre-pandemic, she tried pilates, crossfit, and Orange Theory, but when the pandemic started and the gyms closed, she realized she needed something else. She saw my workouts on Women’s Health and as a big ANW fan, she really connected with me. She started my Full Body Revolution program and then joined my Strong Feels Good program.

Andrea loves the accountability that SFG gives her. She and her accountability buddy message each other every day to keep each other accountable. Her favorite part of the SFG community? Seeing her fellow SFG crew members from Europe getting their workouts in before her inspires to get hers done! Since joining the program, Andrea definitely feels stronger, and feels improvements with her endurance and balance. What she feels is reflected in how her body looks and feels too! (because… say it with me now… STRONG FEELS GOOD!).

Andrea takes pride in taking care of her body and staying active, since we only get one body for our entire lives, she wants to make sure she takes care of hers! 

Watch the video to learn more about Andrea’s fitness journey, nutrition, and more.


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