Warrior Spotlight: Angela R.

warrior spotlight Jul 18, 2022

I'm so pumped to celebrate Angela! No, not me... a different Angela! Grab the tissues... you might need them for this!

Angela is from Vancouver, BC, Canada. She's a lawyer by trade a proud mom of two miracle babies... and I say miracle babies because this will segue into her story of being in recovery from a severe eating disorder that she battled for years and was allegedly supposed to prevent her from having children. She's also recently opened a gelato and coffee shop, which has been her passion project! On top of her successful career as a lawyer, being a mom, and opening her shop, Angela has still found the time to take care of herself and get her exercise done in a healthy, positive way.

When she started Strong Feels Good, Angela had an addiction to over-exercising and was recovering from her ED. She was sleeping 3-4 hours a night and doing cardio 6-7 days. She was so used to cutting, cutting, cutting, so gaining weight was so hard for her mentally. While most people come to me on their weight loss journey, Angela came to me to help her get healthy. She had to learn to trust me and the SFG coaches and learn to rest and recover. She also realized that the habits that she was learning through Strong Feels Good translate into every day life. Soon she realized that eating more and resting, things she struggled with for years, soon became habits.

"You have these habits. And what's happened is that eating more has become a habit. Resting has become a habit. Start small. Everything counts."

Angela also leaned heavily on the Strong Feels Good community, and I know I might be biased, but my SFG is, bar none, the most supportive community out there. Angela cheered when her fellow members lost 5lbs and they cheered for her when she gained 5lbs. Though their goals may differ slightly, everyone in the SFG is there to get healthy and strong, whatever that might mean for them. 

Angela has been exercising regularly since she was 15, but at the age of 41, she is still always learning something new with the SFG program. Before joining the program, exercise was no longer becoming enjoyable for her, but now she looks forward to her workout. Exercise can be both fun AND challenging! 

If you had told Angela a year ago that she would have left her private practice work to get a new job she is passionate about, pulled back her workouts and achieving better results, on a weight gain program, taking rest days and feeling stronger for it, she would have never believed you. 

"You can absolutely do it. Strong Feels Good gives you the ability to do it. Our coaches give us the ability and the encouragement. We're like a family. Your own strength is within yourself and the support network you have."

Angela wants people to know: you're not alone, and when you have an ED, you're not fully ever recovered, and that's ok! Recovering from an ED is a constant work in progress, and not only are you not alone, but you can get to a healthy space where Angela is right now. 

Angela, you are such a wonderful, strong, and courageous warrior and we are HONORED to have you in our crew! 



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