Why assisted Pull-ups WONT Help you achieve your pull-up Goals….

Uncategorized May 15, 2020



Yeah you read that right 🤯…before you say anything let me explain… 


So you are CRUSHING your assisted pull-ups but as soon as you take the band away… nothing.. can’t do it..you feel like you are strong enough but it’s NOT HAPPENING..wtf… why is that? 


Ready for this… Doing assisted pull-ups gets you better at one thing… doing more assisted pull-ups… 🤷🏻‍♀️


And what most people don’t know that that bands and machine give you the MOST assistance at the BOTTOM of the pull-up. 


Since we are constantly getting help at the bottom your body never learns how to engage your lat’s from a dead hang..


And guess where most people are stuck.. you guested it.. the bottom. 


So what can we do to help this and finally make it happen. 


Learn to how to recruit and effectively engage your lats. 


Which means doing Drills for the INITIAL part of the pull-up, none involve doing an actual pull-up..FYI   


➡️Shrug Lat Pull Downs: make sure to HOLD at the bottom for 2-5seconds feel that lat engage and keep you shoulders relaxed 


➡️Hanging/OH Shoulder Shrugs...make sure your elbows are straight on bow 


➡️Floor Pull-Ups: Love these cause they really get you engaged and you don’t need a bar 


➡️Shrug to the ¼:  work the BOTTOM with a like to medium resistance band, you have the rest so work on this.


➡️Eccentric: but making sure to be SLOWWW at the BOTTOM a lot of times we just drop here.. eccentrics build strength 


I’ve helped hundred of women/men achieve their pull-up no matter where they are in their journey. From First pull-ups to achieving your max. 


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Now … how many of you are stuck at this point?! 



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