warrior of the week Apr 09, 2021

Today’s WARRIOR OF THE WEEK is the AMAZING Betsy! Betsy is originally from Minnesota but has lived in EGYPT for nearly 20 years, working as a foreign correspondent and writing her very first novel (how COOL is that!?). STRONG FEELS GOOD is a worldwide movement, people!

Betsy lived an active lifestyle (as a marathon runner and mountain climbing in the Himalayas… talk about incredible!) but as her activity decreased while she started writing her book. She saw Angela on American Ninja Warrior and was inspired to get healthy and get back in shape, so she signed up for the Core Revolution program, and when that was over she found herself saying YES, YES, YES to each of Angela’s programs until the creation of the SFG membership.

Betsy’s favorite part of SFG is the variety of the programming, and that once everything comes together and it starts working and her body is working the way she wants it to, she feels accomplished and like she’s leveled up. The ability to see improvement, feel better, and feel stronger has been crucial to her. The community component has given her accountability, support, camaraderie, and friendship. Betsy has seen some incredible results from her time in SFG, from not being able to do a single v-in or push-up to being able to do many. Strong doesn’t just look good, strong FEELS even better!

Going forward, Betsy wants to continue to work on herself, work on her strength, and eat healthy as she strives to keep taking her fitness to the next level. 

What I love about Betsy’s story is that it’s so relatable… so many of us lead active lives, and then life gets in the way, a global pandemic hits, and we fall out of shape, start feeling frustrated, but the takeaway here is that you have to start somewhere! Slowly this will become a routine. I am all about small, sustainable changes to achieve results. Start small, see what you can do, and progress from there.

Oh, and we can’t wait to read Betsy’s book when it’s published!


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