Can you hear me now?

Uncategorized May 23, 2023

Today's post is not about gnat catching 🤣

Luckily all the hacks from last week worked super well!

This week I have a few things on my mind:

  1. I'm so ready to LIVE more and do more things each day that lighten up my cup and celebrate the good things
  2. I'm ready to start speaking up for myself with ZERO shame. (Hence the email title, can you hear me now?)
  3. Allergies are a pain in the butt (if ya know ya know)
  4. Finally getting support is kinda uncomfortable

So let's dive into the first one


Last week, I was pumped to go surfing with my friend Ashley Kidd. She's a 6x World Champion Wake Surfer and such a badass. I allowed myself to not work at all that morning! I got ready and headed to the boat on Lake Austin to spend the morning on the water. And it felt amazing to not only just be outdoors on the water, but I also was pumped to surf again and felt so in my element. I took a moment to appreciate that moment, because I want to hold onto that feeling and have it more in my life.

While working for yourself is great, I am a workaholic. I sometimes don't have the best boundaries, and I can allow my work to define my life. While work is a GREAT part of my life, I can literally blink and a week has gone by, and I realize I haven't lived outside of work. I am privileged and blessed to be able to work from anywhere so it's time to really lean into that. I even had a quick reminder from the universe as I went to a class Thursday, when I ran into a friend from Rhode Island who owns a gym called LaidBackFitness. Ryan not only helped me on day 1 to learn to ninja, he helped me a ton when I owned a physical gym (yes, I owned a gym years ago) . It's WILD that we forget how far we have come. So that was a great reminder to keep living and keep being present, Things will all fall together as it should and overworking will not be the thing that make all my goals a reality.


Sometimes it's hard for me to say how I feel, because I feel bad. I don't want to be too much, I don't want to come off the wrong way. But this week, I started to practice communicating how I felt. I hired a company to help me with something, and I have been very disappointed in the communication and the help they were supposed to provide me. I didn't want to ask too much but at the end of the day, I paid for a service and I have expectations of what should be communicated. It was tough for me to send an email with my feelings, but I did, and things are already getting resolved.

I also am proud of myself for emailing the apartment complex pictures of the leaf-blowing madness that was happening on my balcony... for the third time. 😅

Let's see if this week they listen!


If ya know ya know... I started dying yesterday! Red eyes, itchy body... all the things! I also felt so much more tired. So this morning I got my butt up to get the allergy medicine I need. I find it funny that the universe is like "here's great weather" but also "Imma give ya some allergies."


I finally hired an operational business manager to help me with all the things in my business. While it's exciting it's also tough to let go of control and trust someone else in the business, it brings up some insecurities of what I know I am not good at. My heart was called to making this happen so although it wasn't fully in my budget, I decided to take a risk and bet on myself. I've been running solo for too long and my hope is that this will open up space for me to do more things I love and have things running even more smoothly. Send me all the good vibes!


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