5 Common Pull-up Mistakes (and Solutions 😉)

pull-ups Jul 21, 2022

The pull-up journey isn’t as straight forward as one would like to think. During this journey, there are a few “mistakes” or maybe we should call them growing pains that you might encounter. But have no fear! I am going to take you through these mistakes and ways to help you through them so that you can get that FIRST pull-up or increase your max.


1️⃣Wrong hand position

Which can cause elbow pain. What I commonly see is that people have their elbows dropping forward and hands are super narrow.  Make sure hands are shoulder width apart and that you are pulling elbows back and to your ribcage.

2️⃣Overuse of the Assisted band

Yes this is great tool, however people become TOO dependent on the band and they start to use a super super thick band which basically throws you up. A reminder, that pull-up band helps you at the hardest part of the pull-up…that bottom…and that’s commonly where everyone really needs to work! Go for lighter assisted band or do a pull-up with a chair under you instead (I will be having a YouTube video coming out with different ways to assist your pull-ups soon! So be sure to subscribe)


3️⃣Using your Shoulders & Hunching

Make sure you are using your lats! If you have a buddy have them come up and tap your shoulders…practice on things like shrug lat pull-downs. Think PULL DOWN instead of PULL UP.


4️⃣Pulling with ONE SIDE more than the other

This is actually SUPER common and happens to me ALL the time. What ever side is the weaker side you are going to 3x more of the mobility exercises on that side. A great movement is SA Shrug Lat Pull-Downs. Single Arm Pull-ups


5️⃣You're stuck halfway

Work on that LAST end range!  Try doing 1/2 to Full Pull-ups in order to strengthen this area  


Anyways! What do YOU need help with you pull-up?! Let me know below 👇🏻


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