Core Challenge Day 5 | The Hollow Hold

core Jul 18, 2022



The good old Hollow Hold, I did these in gymnastics and remember dreading them!

But this move is awesome for your core !

I want to teach you HOW to get into this hollow hold position the way I used to teach the gymnastics I used to teach.

  1. Get into a ball
  2. feet off the ground
  3. Place your hands on lap
  4. push them out until your feet and shoulders are off the ground

Today’s Challenge:

30second Hollow Hold

10 Hollow Hold Circles Repeat x 3

Post that you completed on IG stories tag @angela_gargano @strongfeelsgood_


TIP: Can’t go all the way down because you feel in your back?! No worries, just go to the point that you can


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