With the right belief and guidance, you can do anything 

Uncategorized Nov 07, 2022

It's true. "With the right belief and guidance....you can truly do anything" 

And I don't mean YOU having belief in yourself. 

Because the truth is, most of the time we don't actually believe in ourselves. We second guess ourselves, we think of reasons why we aren't good enough or reasons why things will go wrong. 

So TWO things will happen here:

  • You DO IT anyway...and the belief comes later 
  • You have someone around who believes in you so damn much, that it starts to rub off on you. It starts to drive you to take action because THEY see something in you that you don't see yet 

This has happened so many times for me.

  1. Before I started Fitness competition, someone brought me to meet Cathy Savage. The OG of fitness and the leader of all things Fitness Competition. I sat in her office, young, scared, still working as a  biochemist and after our conversation she said "I am sponsoring you to do a competition in a few weeks, coaching, outfits etc" I was in shock...she JUST met me, she knew barely anything about me. I ask her a few years later why me? And she just said... I knew you had it...I just saw it. With her guidance and belief...I became MORE than I ever thought was possible. It took HER believing in me.
  2. Ninja Warrior...wow how I NEVER thought I would be good enough for that. Who would choose me? A young girl living in Rhode Island, working the over night shift as a Biochemist. It took a PUSH from a really good friend to get me to submit a video & it took a Coach, Coach Jordan who kept messaging me continuously to make sure I showed up at the gym at 9pm at night after exhausting days...because he again...believed in me more than I believed in myself 

These are only two stories I am sharing today. But truthfully, I never thought I was good enough for any of those things.


Because of THOSE coaches and the belief they had in me. I became Miss Fitness America in 2016 with Pro Cards in Fitness & Bikini. I became a 4x Ninja Warrior and top female. 

"The belief in yourself isn't always there 🤷🏻‍♀️. You have to DO first and the belief will come later. "

I still have a hard time believing in myself to this day. I still compare myself. I still don't think I'm the cool kid. I still struggle but I keep moving forward and so should you. And maybe just maybe...you might think of someone around YOU who keeps pushing you! 

I don't think the next phase of my life is to win more awards or do more Ninja Warrior but I DO know that my purpose is to now BE that person for someone. To be the person Cathy was to me or Jordan was for me. 

Anyways, hope this fires you up and feel free to reply to this email with any stories you have or maybe something YOU are struggling to get started with because you don't believe just yet.


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