warrior of the week Jul 16, 2021

“It’s made me stronger inside and outside”

Meet our Warrior of the Week, all the way from Munich, Germany, Ev! Ev works as an HR manager, and has spent a lot of her life being active. She enjoyed taking classes at the gym… until the gyms closed. She never thought she’d be able to work out at home, but found Angela through the Women’s Health instagram page, and soon realized that working out at home wasn’t so bad when you find the right program and trainer! She eventually joined the Strong Feels Good program.

Ev loves the structure of the program and how it builds, and despite going to the gym before the pandemic, she never structured her workouts or did any strength tests. She even used to spend upwards of two hours or more at the gym, but with Strong Feels Good, she only needs 30-45 minutes. She doesn’t just love the physical part of the program, but she’s really gained a lot from the mental aspect: the meditation and setting of intentions.

She loves the community and the conversations and even thought she doesn’t post a ton, she’s always in the group enjoying what others are posting, sharing recipes, and despite being located all over the world, with the power of technology, people from all walks of life can come together to support one another toward a common goal.


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