Feeling Core Exercises in your Neck?

Uncategorized Jul 18, 2022

 Have you ever done some core movements and thought…wow my neck hurts?


It’s actually super common, in this video we are going to go over what you can do to get rid of that pain so you can actually feel the core movements in the RIGHT area.


Number 1: Warm-up your Neck

We hold onto a lot of stress and tension in our neck and we sit hunched over a lot days. So doing these movements will help alleviate some of that built up tension.


Number 2: Tongue on Top of Mouth


Literally sounds so crazy but it does help! Put the tongue on the top of your. Mouth and try to crunch that way


Number 3: Go up instead of Forward


Instead of going forward with your crunch, pretend there is a string attached to your nose and it is pulling it straight up to the ceiling. Up instead of forward.


Number 4: Hands do NOT lift Neck


Make sure your hands are just supporting neck and not PULLING the neck up


Number 5: Use a Towel to Rest your Head


This is if you are still having a TON of issues a great way to make sure you are not getting that neck pain!


Try them out and see if they help! =)


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