warrior of the week Jul 09, 2021

Our Warrior of the Week is the amazing Francine! Francine and her husband of 30 years live in New Jersey and own an upholstery business. She used to work out and work with trainers, and when she turned 50 she really started to get serious about it. During the pandemic, when the gyms were shut down and she didn’t have a lot of equipment in her home, she struggled to stay active and consistent. Something was missing.

It turns out the missing piece was accountability, and she got that with one of my 14 day challenges. After the challenge, she signed up for my SFG membership. She’s connected with the men and women of Strong Feels Good; people of all ages from all over the world, coming together for a common goal. 

Francine has been able to advance in her exercise progressions and see progress in her strength tests. She’s also been doing my Core Revolution program and learned so much about how to properly use her core, and how something that seems so simple can be difficult to do properly! Her goal has always been to just feel strong. It’s not just about dieting or losing weight to fit into clothes, it’s about feeling strong and feeling good, and that switch in mindset is a gamechanger.


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