Going All In: Writing, Entrepreneurship, and Athletics with Jodie Cook

podcast Jul 18, 2022

I’m so excited to welcome Jodie Cook on the podcast! Jodie is an amazing entrepreneur who has not only owned and sold an agency, she’s written multiple books (some of which you’ve seen me talk about on instagram), and she’s also an insane powerlifter. This episode will be a game changer for you!

In this episode, we’re going to talk about Jodie’s writing career, her books, her formula for finding the perfect tribe, her entrepreneurial journey, and so much more.

How many of you allow yourselves to wake up in the morning and allow your mood to be dictated by external events? Jodie’s books are all about identifying negative loops and being the hero of your own day by interrupting those loops and pulling yourself out of them. 

If you haven’t gotten Jodie’s books, I highly recommend them. They are truly transformative! Click here to check them out.


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Instagram: @jodie.cook_

Website: jodiecook.com

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