10 Handstand Drills that Rock!

Uncategorized Dec 28, 2019

Ten Drills to Help you Conquer a Handstand 




First thing is FIRST make sure you are warming up the wrists and shoulders I like the good old spaghetti, meatballs, sauce sha-bang…effective and sounds delicious..if you don't know what I am talking about be sure to watch the full video ;) 




  • Plank Hold:
    • It's important that you are able to support your body in this plank position before going upside down. Be sure to keep your core nice and tight. You should be able to hold this position comfortably for about 30seconds before progressing up 
  • Plate Shoulder Shrugs: 
    • This is basically doing a handstand without being upside down. Keep your head neutral but gaze your eyes up towards the plate. Keep your arms straight and PUSH as if you were going to do a handstand on the floor. Core needs to be tight and do not lean back 
  • Windmill Plate Pushes: 
    • To me...this looks like you are serving a pizza...not sure why, but this is again a great drill that really works on shoulder and core stability. Be sure to keep your gaze at the plate the entire time while doing this!
  • SB Roll-ins: 
    • Another great progression. Start this drill with your knees bent and as you become more comfortable you can straighten the legs out! You need to squeeze your butt as tight as possible so that the ball doesn't roll away
  • Shoulder Taps: 
    • This is another great drill to help you have control in your shoulders before going up to a handstand. Make sure when doing your shoulder taps that your butt is not wiggling side to side. This is all about control not speed.
  • Box Single Leg Lifts: 
    • I like these drills because it really helps you keep that back nice and vertical for handstands. So many times we see handstands where they are super arched or the angle is just completely off. This is the perfect drill to make sure you really understand how the position should be upside down
  • Box Single Leg Taps 
    • This is the next step to the above, only progress if you feel comfortable and again you should be in complete control of your body while doing this! If for some reason this is too hard you can always have someone spot you!
  • Lunge-T-Control Technique: 
    • The good old, Lunge- T Handstand. For those of you who are gymnast you probably heard this terminology a lot while growing up! What this teaching is HOW to get UP in the handstand in a control manner and also how to come out of the handstand. Make sure to hit all these positions each time while kicking up and down
  • Donkey Kick: 
    • This is lie the miniature version of a handstand that helps you learn control and also helps you become confident in becoming upside down
  • Wall Walk-Ups:
    • Make sure when you walk up the wall that you keep your head neutral, you push through your shoulders and your body straight so many times when people do this they get sloppy...but not you 


Try these drills and start getting upside down! Handstands & Pull-Ups are both great 2020 goals that will keep fitness fun and really help you channel that inner strength and confidence! 


Ask any questions you have below!  


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