Here's your permission to fail

Uncategorized Aug 22, 2023

Happy Monday! 

Today, I want to talk about something that's often seen as a stumbling block, but can actually be a stepping stone on your path to success: failure.

We live in a society that often places too much emphasis on success and winning, and very little on the journey it takes to get there.🤷🏻‍♀️

But the truth is, failure is an integral part of growth and achievement. As an American Ninja Warrior and coach of the Pull-up Revolution, I've seen countless women transform their lives by conquering their first pull-up. And guess what? None of them got it on the first try.

Failure teaches us invaluable lessons, helps us to recalibrate our strategies, and builds resilience like nothing else. It's in those moments of struggle that we truly find out what we're made of.  

I'm giving you permission to FAIL... and celebrate it.

I recently took an improv class, and it had me thinking—why don't we celebrate our failures more often?

In that class, we were encouraged to dance and cheer when we failed or made fools of ourselves.

There's something liberating about turning our failures into moments of celebration. Imagine the power of dancing and cheering after a missed pull-up or a skipped workout!

Instead of beating ourselves up and wallowing in self-criticism, what if we embraced our failures as milestones of progress?

What if we saw them as the necessary stepping stones on the path to greatness?

I challenge you to shift your perspective and start celebrating your failures, big or small.

Let's make failure a part of our success story.

Speaking of failure, let me share a personal story with you.

Back when I was competing on American Ninja Warrior, I faced a major setback—a torn ACL. It was a moment that tested my physical and mental strength to the core. I had poured my heart and soul into preparing for the competition, and then, in a heartbeat, it all came crashing down.

But you know what?

That failure didn't break me... it made me.

It forced me to dig deep, reevaluate my goals, and focus on my recovery. I celebrated every small victory—the first step without crutches, the first squat after months of rehab. That failure became a defining moment that fueled my determination to come back stronger and better than ever before.

Here are 3 ways to CELEBRATE Failure: 

1. **The Dance of Resilience:** Every time you face a setback, crank up your favorite song and dance like nobody's watching. Embrace the moment and celebrate your resilience.

2. **The High-Five Ritual:**

Give yourself a high-five after encountering a failure. It's a simple but powerful gesture that reinforces the idea that you're moving forward, no matter the challenges.

3. **Triumph Journal of Growth:**

Grab a dedicated journal, and whenever you face a setback, take a moment to sit down and write about it. Pour out your feelings, frustrations, and disappointments onto the pages. Then, pivot to the positive: reflect on what you've learned from the experience. How has this failure provided insights you wouldn't have gained otherwise? Write down the ways in which it has contributed to your growth and development. By channeling your thoughts onto paper, you're transforming failure into a catalyst for progress.

So are you ready to start celebrating failure with me or what?!

Keep crushing it, and have the most amazing week! 

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Fit in your 60s vs your 30s

I'm excited to share a collaboration I did with Sue Watson, aka Sixty & Me! We discussed how fitness in your 30s and 60s can have more in common than you might think. Age is just a number, and our bodies are capable of incredible things at any stage of life. Watch the video here for some inspiring insights and give her a follow!

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