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Home Pull-Up Drills (No Band Needed)

Uncategorized Dec 12, 2019

So you want to learn a pull-up...BUT you don't have access to a pull-up bar. What options do you have? 

These are my favorite at Home Pull-Up Drills & all you need is a small & Medium Band, a broom & a towel! All things which are easily accessible. 

 The below video goes over each at home drill! But read on for more details! 

Floor Pull-Ups 

This drill is a game changer. If this feels too difficult put the towel under your knees it will help you slide smoother on the floor! This is also a great grip strength drill because you have to grasp the floor.  I would do 10 of these and then transition into the army crawl ones I showed in video.

Broom Pull-Downs 

The biggest thing I want you to focus on here with the Broom Pull-Downs is to engage those lats and really act like you are going to break the broom in half before you pull-it down. This will help light up those lats, something that most people tend to lack when trying to do a pull-ups! I would do these in sets of 10 as well with a 2-5sec hold at the bottom. 

Broom Deadlifts 

Yes, deadlifts are for your legs BUT they also are a great exercise to help engage those lats. Be sure to again, pull the bar in so your lats light up and then slide it down your legs keep the engage the entire time! 

Door Frame Pull-Downs 

You will need a small mini-band, but make sure to pull you elbow back, again hold for 2-5 seconds here when you do these! 

Banded Narrow Rows 

Wrap your small mini band around the door handle, let your elbow brush by your side and it come back and hold for 2-5 second at the back 

Kneeling Band Pull-Downs 

You will need a larger band for this one. What's great about doing an exercise like this on your knees is that it will make you keep focus on that core. 


All of these are great drills to do at home! There literally is NO excuse to not being able to work on pull-ups! So try them out and let me know how it goes! 


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