Hustling Hard: How To Achieve Your Goals and Reach Your Potential with Amanda Cass

amanda cass podcast Jul 18, 2022

Amanda Cass has been a martial artist for 25 years. She’s a professional stunt woman and super mom to her 13 year old daughter. We met at a ninja competition and we instantly clicked. There was something about Amanda’s energy that I instantly connected with. 

Before Amanda became a stunt woman, she was an in-home therapist to children with Autism, but she wanted something outside of the 9-5 world, and as she started connecting with people who had careers in this non-traditional sphere and started to see the possibilities. Sometimes we are held back by fear and money. We are afraid to leave the stability of what we know as “normal,” like a 9-5 job to pursue our real passions, but if we surround ourselves with like-minded people, we can break out of the box we have put ourselves in.

In this episode, we’re going to talk about how Amanda went from a literal nobody to being a professional and highly respected stunt woman, how to take action steps to get to where you want to be, why finding the right people and networking is crucial to success, and some of our fun memories we made along the way. 

Remember, your circumstances DO NOT define you or determine what your life could be. Failing is a part of the process and not a reason to give up!

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