I'm quitting fitness...

Uncategorized May 17, 2023

I'm quitting fitness and inventing a silent leaf blower....

Only half kidding 😅

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I have been going through some very "first world problems"

One being the loud ass leaf blowing that is happening in front of my apartment daily.

Here's why it annoys me:

1️⃣ Typically they are doing this during my work from home hours, and it doesn't last a few minutes, sometimes it last an hour! And I swear... there really aren't any leaves to blow... and if there are, they could probably use a rake

2️⃣ I'm sure it's not consciously, but every patio has zero leaves on them... except MINE! This week they dramatically blew dirt and leaves directly into my outdoor spot... SO much so that at one point my door was open and the blew DIRECTLY into my apartment! My grumpy self went out side and gave them a LOOK. They said "I'm sorry" as I stared with them angrily.

3️⃣ Do you really need to be leaving blowing from 1pm-5pm? At one point I felt, like they were just blowing nothing around

I am sharing this as a laughable moment. I am VERY aware that this is a "first world problem" and not a "real problem." Am I become a grumpy old lady? Or are my feelings valid?


Gnats have taken over my apartment and I am experimenting with water and vineager to try and get rid of them, because these little fuckers are EVERYWHERE. After getting tips from people on IG, this is what worked:

  1. A bowl of water with dish soap in it. Just leave it out and they go right in there!
  2. Red Wine Vingear in a cup or jar wrapped with holes in it
  3. Pouring HOT water down all the drains (they lay eggs in there...gross!)
  4. I got this really cool thing that has a UV light and fan...it attracks them and traps them. I linked it here! It's working so good! https://amzn.to/3Btp5M0

Other news

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These are a few of my favorite things

These are some things that have greatly impacted my life or that I use daily!

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Pull-up Bar, Bands, Liquid Chalk 

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