I Missed the Deadline

Uncategorized Aug 15, 2023

I missed the deadline. 😩

I'm getting real with you today.

I missed a huge deadline last week...to be in the Wall Street Journal article all about pull-ups!

The article is crushing it, by the way! 😩

You see, when these reporters message you, they want you to give them info NOW, and their deadlines are always like...yesterday.

I am so disappointed. By the the time I gave her my two cents for the article, it was too late.

Another missed opportunity.

Another moment I felt disappointed in myself.

This would have been a HUGE opportunity, because this is what I do! I help women conquer the "unicorn" movement, the pull-up. πŸ¦„πŸ’ͺ🏼

I told my boyfriend how upset I was with myself, and that if only I had my shit together, I wouldn't miss out on opportunities. Like this.

He said, "what has to change for that to not happen again?"

He told me to sit in my frustrations so that I can make some changes.

I know that a big reason I have been missing these opportunities is because I am spending so much time in my business, trying to make it work, and trying to do it all, and it's holding me back.

So I took a moment to be frustrated and then told myself, it's time to be a CEO! It's time to own what I do and to help create a team to really help me so I don't miss an opportunity like that ever again.

Here's a few things I am doing to turn a missed opportunity into an opportunity to grow.

1. I am owning it and taking responsibility.

2. I am allowing myself to feel upset, angry, whatever it may be.

3. I am figuring out a few things that I can start dong at this very moment to stop that from happening again.

I'm sharing this with you because my goal is to be raw and real with you. Maybe you can even relate to this!

Maybe your missed opportunity was not working on your pull-up because life got in the way.

Maybe it was a missed deadline like me.

What's it going to take to finally make a change? What can you change so your life can get to be the way you want it to be?

Remember: the change starts with you!

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In conclusion, Warriors, life offers both triumphs and missed chances. From the disappointment of huge article in the WSJ slipping by, I'm trying to change. I'm transitioning to a CEO mindset, I'm owning up, embracing emotions, and acting now.

Join me in turning setbacks into stepping stones.

Don't forget our Free Pull-Up Workshop on August 20 with Ginny MacColl, where we'll empower you on your fitness journey. Let's conquer change together!

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