I want you to be able to do it on your own....

Uncategorized Jul 18, 2022

I want you to be able to do it on your own….

As a trainer my goal has always been to show you what you are capable and also teach you the why and how so that you DO feel confident on your own! Sometimes we need a jumpstart, sometimes we need to the tool...a lot of times we honestly just need accountability. 

I want to take a second to celebrate Strong Feels Good Member Francine! 

She has been a part of Strong Feels Good for 14 months  (That’s over a year)

She first joined because she needed accountability, she was frustrated at home especially during the pandemic and didn’t know where to start 

So I got on a call with her and we set her up in our Strong Feels Good Gold Program. 

She is now more confident than she has ever been, down 11.5 inches and has improved in ALL areas of strength. 

Francine decided she was ready to go off on her own journey…and you know what. I am PUMPED for her


My goal is to help you succeed and if I can help you use all the tools I have given you to go off on your own then I truly have won =). 

Francine will ALWAYS be a part of the Strong Feels Good Family! 

But wanted to take a second to celebrate her amazing success!! 


Instagram Post on the Journey! https://www.instagram.com/reel/Cb-gVjcFN6s/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link



Curious if the Strong Feels Good Gold Program is for you?! 

✅This is 3 month Program (with an option to continue after) 

✅All workouts are 30-45minutes and delivered through the App TrueCoach

✅Workouts are 5 Days a week with 1 rest day and a mobility Day 

✅Me and 2 other Coaches (Amy & Stephanie) check in on you daily! To hold you accountable, give you form correction and even modify your workouts if needed 

✅We have Weekly LIVE Zoom Classes on Sunday and every other Wednesdays (All are recorded) 

How does this work? 

✅We start with a 1:1 Call to go over your goals 

✅I set you up in the App 

✅And you're off 

✅At the end of the 3 months we will have another 1:1 Call to go over your progress and figure out what your  next steps are! 


We are currently taking on new clients for the Gold Program! If you are interested please go through the questionnaire below! If we feel you are a right fit we will hope on a free 15minute 1:1 Call First to Chat about your goals. 


Link to Questionnaire: https://form.typeform.com/to/c3fnRi4Z




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