Warrior of the Week: Jean

warrior of the week Oct 15, 2021
“This is the silver lining for me. To feel this strong.”

Make sure you have tissues handy when going through this interview! You’ll need them. 

Jean is from Massachusetts and has been a physical therapist for 20 years, which has given her a lifetime of knowledge and love for movement, whether it’s high intensity fitness or just basic movements. Jean found Angela at the height of the pandemic, on medical leave due to her high-risk respiratory medical condition, doomscrolling like the rest of the world at that time, feeling lethargic and depressed. 

She joined the Strong Feels Good membership and found the silver lining. She found a way to exercise, and found a community without going to the gym. Pre-Covid, she struggled hiking a mountain with her family in Maine, but now, after several months in the Strong Feels Good program, Jean was able to hike that same mountain without feeling fatigued. But it’s not just the physical mountain that Jean has had to overcome… overcoming the proverbial, metaphorical mountain of years of psychological traumas and struggles has been life-changing and transformative. Having suffered a pregnancy loss several years back, even just sweating would trigger PTSD for years afterward.

After focusing on strength and movement, rather than the number on the scale, she lost 12 pounds without even trying to. Shifting the focus on being strong and re-evaluating our goals to how strong we can get instead of how much weight we want to lose is at the very core of the Strong Feels Good program. 

Strength doesn’t have to be hiking a huge mountain. Strength doesn’t have to mean running a half marathon. Sometimes, movement and strength and wellness means just being able to keep up with your family. 

“It’s been so transformative for me, and I’m so grateful for that.”

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