warrior of the week May 28, 2021
“Incorporating mindset and nutrition, and implementing those two components into it really made such a huge difference.”

Jennifer is a registered nurse who works with geriatric patients. She is a mother of two and lives in Wilmington, Delaware. Jennifer has been working out her whole life and has always had a passion for fitness. For Jennifer, fitness helps relieve stress and is an integral part of her daily routine. Jennifer went to the gym regularly until covid hit and her gym closed. She found me through Women’s Health and started following my online workouts. She started out in my Pull-Up program because despite feeling fit and feeling like she was in shape, she couldn’t do a pull-up. She reached her goal and can still do two pull-ups despite being in her 50s (you’re a rockstar, Jennifer!)

Jennifer recently found out that she has osteoporosis despite living such a healthy lifestyle, and so continuing her fitness journey is extra important to her to maintain her bone mass. She admittedly struggles with taking breaks because she loves fitness, but is slowly learning that rest is crucial to staying healthy. Jennifer has also loved having the mindset and nutrition incorporated into the programs. Having such a well-rounded program that takes a 360 degree approach to health and wellness have been crucial to her success.

Finally, though Jennifer usually works out alone, she has loved doing the live workouts and participating along with me, and she has really benefited from the community keeps in touch with her accountability buddy. Going forward, Jennifer’s goal is to keep chugging along with her fitness, maintain her pull-ups, and get more toned!


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