warrior of the week Jun 24, 2021
"Once I was able to find a program that I could do on my own and do at my own pace, that really spoke to me."

Katherine is a mom of two teenage girls from Miami, FL and works as a genetic counselor at a children’s hospital. Pre-pandemic, she lived a pretty active lifestyle, but tended to push herself a little too far and aggravate her sciatica and herniated disc, and it was a lot of starting and stopping. During the pandemic, she had a lot more time on her hands, started following my workouts on Women’s Health, and then joined my Core Revolution program, and it was through my core program that she realized that the recurring issue with her back was because her core was not as strong as it should have been. She then joined my Strong Feels Good program, which was a perfect fit for her: it allowed her to go at her own pace while still maintaining the social aspect of exercising that she loved without the pressure of having to “keep up” with others or the instructor and re-injure her back. The happy medium of the solo, go-at-your-own-pace workout coupled with the SFG community was exactly what she was looking for.


Katherine loves that the SFG program keeps her consistent with her exercise at her own pace, which is important for her as a working mother, and really being able to communicate and learn how to do the exercises properly. Even though she’s not a huge social media person or active poster, rest assured, knowing that she’s a part of this community and knowing that there’s a group of people who are there to understand what she’s going through and who are there to support her means the world to her!

Her goal is to just be strong and maintain her strength, activity level, and stamina, particularly as she ages. NONE of us are getting any younger, so it’s important to allow your fitness goals to evolve with you! She wants to be a role model for her daughters and model healthy habits and mindsets for them. She’s also set her sights on being able to do a pull-up. You got this Katherine!

In this interview, Katherine and I chat about her experience in the program, the importance of warm-ups and cool downs, and more!


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